BioCentury | Apr 10, 2014
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Cancer

...bone cancer Ubiquitin specific peptidase 1 (USP1); WD repeat domain 48 (WDR48; UAF1) Cell-based studies suggest inhibiting the USP1-UAF1...
...NSCLC and bone cancer sensitivity to platinum-based chemotherapies. In a cisplatin-resistant NSCLC cell line, a USP1-UAF1...
BioCentury | Aug 15, 2005
Company News

AmpliMed, University of Arizona Foundation deal

The foundation's UAF Technologies and Research LLC granted AmpliMed a license to a portfolio of preclinical compounds to treat cancer and viral diseases. UAF will receive equity in AmpliMed and is eligible for milestones and...
BioCentury | Jun 12, 1995
Company News

Epitope deal

EPT's Agrimax Floral Products Inc. subsidiary formed Fresche Blossoms L.L.C. to conduct Agrimax's Charlotte, N.C., flower business. The unit will be operated by Universal American Flowers Inc. (Tampa, Fla.). The companies have until Aug. 31...
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