BioCentury | Apr 15, 2021
Product Development

Next-generation DNA damage response programs at AACR

Clinical readouts for WEE1 inhibitors, next-generation compounds against PARP and a pair of agents targeting CDC7 were among the DNA damage response programs featured at AACR this year. This year’s virtual meeting of the American...
BioCentury | Apr 14, 2021

Tango is latest target in string of biotech SPAC mergers: Data Byte

Tango raised more than $350 million in a SPAC deal that brings the total number of biotech SPAC mergers to at least 21. The synthetic lethality company said on Wednesday it is merging with BCTG Acquisition...
BioCentury | Jan 27, 2021
Product Development

KSQ sets sights on the clinic as new CEO steps in

KSQ is setting a path to advance targeted oncology and immuno-oncology programs emerging from its CRISPR-based target discovery platform with the appointment of Qasim Rizvi as its new CEO and a recent deal with Takeda. Under...
BioCentury | Oct 31, 2020
Translation in Brief

A method to collect tumor-specific T cells; plus research from Heidelberg University, Black Diamond, KSQ and SynDevRx

Isolating tumor antigen-specific T cellsScripps Research Institute scientists have described in Cell a method, coined FucoID, to detect and separate T cells that react to tumor-specific antigens from bystander T cells. In FucoID, which is based on...
BioCentury | May 6, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

Bright shines harsh light on America’s COVID-19 preparedness, FDA’s independence

This story was updated to reflect additional comments from FDA that were provided after publication of the initial version. Cronyism has crippled America’s pandemic response, enriching undeserving entrepreneurs and politically potent consultants who siphoned funds...
BioCentury | Jan 30, 2020
Politics & Policy

Trump administration allows Medicaid drug formularies

The Trump administration has told state Medicaid programs that when it comes to drugs, they can have their cake and eat it too. A Medicaid block grant program rolled out Thursday allows states to create...
BioCentury | Nov 19, 2019

Reducing ER stress through USP14 inhibition could treat diabetes

DISEASE CATEGORY: Endocrine/metabolic INDICATION: Diabetes Targeting USP14 could treat Type II diabetes by reducing the effects of endoplasmic reticulum stress, which has been implicated in the disease’s pathogenesis. In lean mice, the ER stress inducer...
BioCentury | Aug 31, 2019
Product Development

Criteria of demarcation

Clear lines must distinguish what will and won’t be regulated in digital health. This involves new concepts of product identity and quality, entrenching the idea of continual change. In digital health, many of the best...
BioCentury | Aug 2, 2019
Distillery Techniques

Genetic biomarkers for anorexia nervosa

TECHNIQUES CATEGORY: Biomarkers TECHNOLOGY: SNPs; gene profiling SNPs in eight genomic regions could predict risk of anorexia nervosa. The loci were identified in a meta-analysis of 33 genome-wide association studies (GWAS) covering 16,992 anorexic patients...
BioCentury | Jun 13, 2019
Politics & Policy

FDA, USP spar over biologics monographs

FDA has thrown its support behind a proposal in President Donald Trump's FY20 budget that would exclude biologics and biosimilars from meeting monograph standards established by the U.S. Pharmacopeia for small molecules, a measure that...
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