BioCentury | Apr 15, 2021

Genechem’s bispecifics deal with I-Mab marks debut for a global strategy 20 years in the making

A deal with I-Mab is one of what Genechem hopes will be many to leverage an antibody discovery platform that it’s been building for the past five years. Shanghai Genechem Co. Ltd. and I-Mab...
BioCentury | Apr 14, 2021

April 13 Quick Takes: Mega-rounds for Flagship's Repertoire, Arcellx, GH, Theseus; plus Biophytis, Resilience, Cerevel, C4X, Sanofi and more

Immune medicines company Repertoire Immune Medicines Inc. raised $189 million in a series B financing from founding investor Flagship Pioneering and other investors including Softbank Vision Fund 2i, the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP...
BioCentury | Apr 10, 2021
Product Development

Bispecific constructs move beyond T cell engagers at AACR

T cell engagers have dominated the bispecific antibody scene for the past five years, but the industry is starting to branch out into next-generation structures that offer new functions and potential improvements over first-generation compounds. ...
BioCentury | Apr 3, 2021
Product Development

Digging beyond the headlines at AACR 2021

BioCentury’s analysis of this year’s AACR meeting unearths orthogonal approaches to high-wattage targets KRAS and TIGIT, details on allogeneic and personalized cell therapies, and targeted protein degradation players beyond the usual suspects. In the run-up...
BioCentury | Mar 27, 2021

FDA approval solidifies bluebird’s anti-BCMA CAR T as ‘cornerstone’ of BMS’s multiple myeloma portfolio

FDA’s approval late Friday of Abecma idecabtagene vicleucel marks the second CAR T cell therapy BMS will bring to market as it continues to fill out its cancer portfolio ahead of revenue losses from...
BioCentury | Mar 26, 2021
Product Development

Next-generation checkpoint development surges as rare wins overshadow setbacks

Though the failure rate of next-generation checkpoints has far out-stripped that of the rare successes, companies have not been scared away from the search for the next blockbuster, or for a way to finally...
BioCentury | Mar 23, 2021

Crossovers invest ahead of pre-IPO round, as bispecifics play EpimAb readies to deploy $120M series C

After raising a $120 million series C round co-led by China Merchants Bank International and Mirae Asset Financial Group, EpimAb now turns to executing on its trio of clinical cancer compounds ahead of a pre-IPO...
BioCentury | Mar 19, 2021

March 18 Quick Takes: SPAC Revolution, Idera, Translate tumble; plus Anima-Takeda, Boston-GSK, Accelmed, Gain IPO and more

...and EGP Investments in this round. BITT expects to submit an IND for BIR2101, a TNFR2...
...with additional investors. Dynamk’s Gustavo Mahler will join the company’s board. TARGETSHTT – Huntingtin TNFR2 (TNFRSF1B) - Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 BC...
BioCentury | Mar 6, 2021
Product Development

The pace of new modality approvals is picking up

Last week’s FDA approval of Sarepta’s Amondys 45 marks the ninth new modality drug to be approved in the last year, a sign that the pace of new therapeutic formats making it to...
BioCentury | Mar 1, 2021

With Phase III started in head and neck cancer, Debiopharm partners lead program with Germany’s Merck

Debiopharm will bank €188 million ($226.6 million) for pipeline development now that the biotech has partnered lead program xevinapant with Merck KGaA, adding the German biopharma’s resources to the molecule’s evaluation in a Phase III...
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