BioCentury | Aug 30, 2018
Targets & Mechanisms


Neoantigens derived from alternative splicing could broaden the target space for cancer vaccines and T cell therapies, according to two studies published this month. While questions remain about whether they are sufficiently immunogenic to create...
BioCentury | Aug 27, 2015
Product R&D

Bad actin

...filamentous actin protected by Tpm3.1 to a more globular and more soluble form unprotected by Tpm3.1...
...New South Wales, Sydney, Australia Targets and Compounds Anisina (ATM-3057) Tpm3.1 ( Tm5NM1 ) - Tropomyosin 3 (TPM3) short isoform...
...with Anisina and immunofluorescently stained for actin is shown.Anisina (ATM-3057); Tpm3.1 ( Tm5NM1 ) - tropomyosin 3 (TPM3) short isoform...
BioCentury | Dec 8, 2014
Clinical News

Tretinoin gel: Phase II data

An Australian and New Zealand Phase II trial in 53 patients with mild to moderate acne vulgaris showed that once-daily topical TPM/Tretinoin gel led to a mean reduction in acne lesions from baseline to week...
BioCentury | May 5, 2014
Clinical News

Tretinoin gel: Completed Phase II enrollment

Phosphagenics completed enrollment of 54 patients in an Australian and New Zealand Phase II trial comparing its tretinoin gel once daily for 3 months vs. placebo or Retin-A Micro tretinoin gel microsphere. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International...
BioCentury | Jan 27, 2014
Company News

Phosphagenics, Novartis, Themis Medicare Ltd. sales and marketing update

Novartis launched Voveran diclofenac TPM gel in India. The product, which uses Targeted Penetration Matrix (TPM) transdermal drug delivery from Phosphagenics, is a topical gel to treat pain and inflammation of the muscles and joints...
BioCentury | Nov 11, 2013
Clinical News

TPM/oxymorphone patch: Phase I data

An Australian Phase I trial showed that all 12 healthy volunteers who received the first application of Phosphagenics' 3-day TPM/oxymorphone patch achieved oxymorphone plasma concentrations above threshold therapeutic concentrations produced by oral Opana ER oxymorphone....
BioCentury | Apr 15, 2013
Clinical News

TPM/Oxymorphone patch: Phase I data

An Australian Phase I trial showed that a single patch application of Phosphagenics' TPM/oxymorphone patch "successfully" delivered oxymorphone into the bloodstream for the 72-hour duration of the study. The company could not be reached for...
BioCentury | Apr 8, 2013
Company News

Phosphagenics, Nippon Zoki Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. deal

Following a March 2012 evaluation deal, the companies partnered to develop Phosphagenics' topical TPM/diclofenac to treat acute and chronic pain in the U.S. The companies partnered last year to allow Nippon to evaluate the product...
BioCentury | Feb 25, 2013
Clinical News

Phosphagenics preclinical data

In a rat model of pain, topical application of oxycodone/TPM significantly reduced local pain vs. controls treated with a base gel without oxycodone (p<0.01). Additionally, Phosphagenics said the Targeted Penetration Matrix (TPM) topical formulation of...
BioCentury | Nov 12, 2012
Company News

Phosphagenics, Strides Arcolab deal

Strides' Agila Specialties Pvt. Ltd. subsidiary received exclusive, worldwide rights to Phosphagenics' Targeted Penetration Matrix (TPM) technology for use in an antibiotic injectable product. Phosphagenics will receive an upfront payment and is eligible for royalties....
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