BioCentury | Jul 24, 2020
Product Development

July 23 Quick Takes: Priority Review for Aurinia; plus Jazz, CymaBay, Biogen, Vertex, Grünenthal, Mesoblast, BMS and Genfit

Priority Review for Aurinia’s lupus nephritis therapy FDA accepted and granted Priority Review to an NDA for voclosporin from Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AUPH; TSX:AUP) to treat lupus nephritis. The PDUFA date for the immune-suppressing, IL-2-blocking...
BioCentury | Feb 8, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Serentrix: pain relief without side effects

Serentrix is looking to revive a well-known pain target that has been largely abandoned by drug developers after antagonists against it led to side effects. Early clinical testing by Serentrix LLC has shown that the...
BioCentury | Aug 14, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

Promoting SLC12A5 expression for Rett syndrome

DISEASE CATEGORY: Neurology INDICATION: Rett syndrome Two small molecules could treat Rett syndrome by promoting expression of the neuron-specific cotransporter SLC12A5. Low SLC12A5 expression was previously reported in neurons from Rett syndrome patients and in...
BioCentury | Aug 8, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

Endocytosis protein decoy for reducing TRPV1-associated pain

DISEASE CATEGORY: Neurology INDICATION: Pain Blocking phosphorylation of endocytosis protein AP2M2 to induce internalization of TRPV1, a membrane channel associated with analgesia and hyperalgesia, could treat spontaneous pain and inflammatory thermal hyperalgesia. In an in...
BioCentury | Jun 14, 2019
Product Development

Despite senior management shake-up, Novartis’ pipeline is primed to deliver

A string of departures at Novartis AG and strategic shifts by new CEO Vasant Narasimhan have produced a fairly thorough makeover of the executive committee he inherited in 2018. The team gains a pipeline that...
BioCentury | May 28, 2019
Company News

Months after scuttling IPO bid, Centrexion adds to balance sheet with Lilly deal for pain therapy

A licensing deal with Lilly for an analgesic will bolster Centrexion's balance sheet six months after it canceled plans for an IPO. Centrexion will receive $47.5 million up front and is eligible for $950 million...
BioCentury | Mar 27, 2019
Product Development

GW’s next act

As Epidiolex’s launch continues to ramp up, GW Pharmaceuticals’ next act will be to take the plunge with its cannabinoid platform into larger, more complex neurobehavioral indications, and even cancer. Not surprisingly, the rise of...
BioCentury | Jan 4, 2019
Translation in Brief

Testing reflex vs. reality in pain

A Dana-Farber Cancer Institute team has challenged the assumptions behind standard pain models, suggesting their use contributes to poor clinical translation of pain therapies and advocating adoption of behavioral tests reflecting pain sensation instead of...
BioCentury | Nov 30, 2018
Financial News

Centrexion steps back from IPO amid volatile market

Centrexion Therapeutics Corp. (Boston, Mass.) told BioCentury on Nov. 16 that it will not be moving forward with its NASDAQ IPO. The decision by the pain company comes as market volatility has increased and several...
BioCentury | Nov 17, 2018
Financial News

Centrexion steps back from IPO amid volatile market

A decision by pain company Centrexion Therapeutics Corp. (Boston, Mass.) to not move forward with its NASDAQ IPO comes as market volatility has increased and several biotechs have failed to hit their desired valuations. In...
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