BioCentury | Aug 17, 2015
Clinical News

Quanta Flash SSB regulatory update

FDA granted 510(k) clearance to Quanta Flash SSB from Werfen’s Inova Diagnostics Inc. subsidiary for use on Inova’s Bio-Flash chemoluminescent analyzer to aid in diagnosis of connective tissue diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE),...
BioCentury | Jun 22, 2009
Company News

Cancer Therapeutics CRC, Novation deal

Cancer Therapeutics CRC Pty. Ltd. , Bundoora, Australia Novation Pharmaceuticals Inc. , Vancouver, B.C. Business: Cancer The partners will combine Novation's Quest drug discovery technology and Cancer Therapeutics' small molecule compound library to identify small molecules against...
BioCentury | Jun 5, 2006
Company News

Stressgen infectious news

The company changed its name to Nventa Biopharmaceuticals Corp. The company also changed its ticker to NVN, effective June 7. Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp. (TSX:SSB), San Diego, Calif. Business: Infectious WIR Staff Infectious...
BioCentury | May 22, 2006
Product Development

The end of HPV?

The end of HPV? The end of HPV? Although preventative measures like Merck & Co. Inc.'s Gardasil may erode the market for HPV treatments over time, companies developing therapeutics still have reasons to believe there...
BioCentury | Apr 24, 2006
Company News

Stressgen management update

Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp. (TSX:SSB), Victoria, B.C. Business: Infectious Hired: Peter Emtage as VP of R&D, formerly VP of R&D and technical operations at Biomira Inc. Departing: Marvin Siegel as EVP of R&D WIR Staff Infectious...
BioCentury | Apr 10, 2006
Company News

Stressgen board of directors update

Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp. (TSX:SSB), Victoria, B.C. Business: Infectious Appointed: Robert Rieder, vice chairman and CEO of Cardiome Pharma Corp.; and Jay Short, a director, as chairman; he replaces R. Ian Lennox, who resigned WIR Staff...
BioCentury | Jan 2, 2006

Restructuring watch

Restructuring watch Restructuring watch No fewer than nine public biotech companies cut staff in the fourth quarter, down from 13 in the same period last year. (A) Net loss for 1H05; (B) Operating loss for...
BioCentury | Oct 24, 2005
Company News

Stressgen infectious news

SSB again restructured and said it will reduce its headcount by 33% to 27 from 40 to save cash. In May, SSB cut headcount by 49% and deferred all R&D activities not related to its...
BioCentury | Oct 17, 2005

Infectious vaccine players

Infectious vaccine players Company Vaccine focus 10/14 mcap MedImmune (MEDI) Influenza, Epstein-Barr, streptococcus pneumoniae and others $8,146.9 Chiron (CHIR) (A) Develops and markets vaccines for various infectious diseases like influenza and meningococcal meningitis $8,129.5 ID...
BioCentury | Jul 18, 2005
Company News

Assay Designs, Stressgen BioReagents Corp. deal

Research tool company Assay acquired Stressgen BioReagents for an undisclosed sum. Stressgen BioReagents was formed in April by Ampersand Ventures, at which time the company purchased the reagents business of Stressgen Biotechnologies Corp. (TSE:SSB, Victoria,...
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