BC Week In Review | Apr 6, 2009
Clinical News

Relaxin: Additional Phase II/III data

Additional data from the double-blind, international Phase II Pre-RELAX-AHF trial in 229 patients showed that 30 µg/kg/day IV relaxin improved dyspnea at 6, 12 and 24 hours as measured by the Likert scale vs. placebo...
BC Week In Review | Nov 17, 2008
Clinical News

Relaxin: Interim Phase II data

Interim Phase II data from 209 patients with dyspnea due to AHF showed that relaxin met the primary endpoint of relief of dyspnea vs. placebo. In the double-blind, international Phase II Pre-RELAX-AHF trial, relaxin relieved...
BC Week In Review | Jan 14, 2008
Clinical News

Relaxin: Phase II started

Corthera began an international Phase II trial in about 330 patients. Corthera has rights to Relaxin from Connetics Corp. , a subsidiary of Stiefel. Corthera Inc. , San Mateo, Calif.   Stiefel Laboratories Inc. , Coral Gables, Fla....
BC Week In Review | Jan 28, 2002
Company News

Stanford University School of Medicine other research news

Researchers published in Science the identification of the GPCRs LGR7 and LGR8 as the receptors for relaxin , a peptide involved in the remodeling of reproductive tissues during pregnancy, as well as lung and skin remodeling,...
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