BioCentury | Nov 20, 2020
Product Development

COVID vaccine updates for Pfizer-BioNTech, CureVac and Sinovac; plus Disbrow becomes permanent BARDA director

Pfizer pilot program for vaccine distributionPfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) has launched a pilot program in Rhode Island, Texas, New Mexico and Tennessee to determine ways to refine national BNT162b2 delivery and deployment. The four states were...
BioCentury | Nov 16, 2020
Product Development

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine validates mRNA platform, suggests success of other vaccines

Moderna is preparing to apply to FDA for emergency use authorization and to regulators in Europe and beyond for conditional approval in the coming weeks for its lead mRNA vaccine after it demonstrated 94.5% efficacy in...
BioCentury | Nov 11, 2020
Product Development

Medicare co-pays for COVID-19 mAbs scrapped, bamlanivimab distribution begins

The Trump administration has found a way to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries who receive COVID-19 mAbs, removing a potential barrier to treatment. The announcement came a day after FDA granted emergency use authorization...
BioCentury | Oct 28, 2020

Supply constraints loom as Regeneron reports positive data on COVID-19 mAb

Days before FDA is expected to decide about their emergency use authorization requests, Regeneron released new data confirming the efficacy of its COVID-19 mAb cocktail and Lilly announced that the U.S. government has contracted to...
BioCentury | Oct 17, 2020

Menlo to continue healthcare push at intersection of tech, life sciences with $500M fund

Greg Yap joined Menlo Ventures three years ago to ramp up the firm’s healthcare focus after a 20-year hiatus. Menlo apparently liked what it saw as Yap and his colleagues have $500 million to deploy from...
BioCentury | Oct 16, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

Christie’s COVID-19 treatment raises fairness, safety questions

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s treatment for COVID-19 raises questions about the fairness of decisions to grant access to investigational therapies, as well as the safety of exposing patients...
BioCentury | Oct 15, 2020

Larger stakes, more newcos as Canaan moves to bump up biopharma investments with new $800M fund

With 40% of its new $800 million fund dedicated to healthcare, Canaan plans to ramp up biopharma investments and de novo company formation as it seeks larger ownership stakes. “Given the increased capital...
BioCentury | Oct 6, 2020
Product Development

Warp Speed asking biopharmas to delay seeking EUA until they have enough doses

AstraZeneca could have enough safety and efficacy data late this month to support emergency use authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine, but the company will not start large-scale manufacturing until early...
BioCentury | Oct 2, 2020

Election volatility may drive investors toward low-risk opportunities in 4Q

The increasing likelihood of a contested U.S. presidential election means the markets could be in for a high dose of volatility in 4Q20, pushing the pause button on a record year for IPOs and sending...
BioCentury | Sep 19, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

What it will take to get to mass asymptomatic screening for COVID-19

Making widespread COVID-19 screening a priority for public health will require a broad and abundant basket of testing technologies, and a coordinated plan for how to use and pay for them. The first barrier...
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