BioCentury | Apr 6, 2017
Targets & Mechanisms

Competing for growth

With little in the clinical pipeline for achondroplasia beyond BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. ’s late-stage vosoritide, startups Therachon AG and BioClin Therapeutics Inc. are rethinking how to tackle the disease. By targeting FGFR3 directly, the two...
BioCentury | Oct 23, 2014
Distillery Techniques

Technology: Disease models

...high-grade superficial bladder cancer. Adult mice with conditional deletion of retinoblastoma 1 (Rb1), retinoblastoma-like 2 (Rbl2; p130...
BioCentury | Jan 26, 1998
Company News

Gull Laboratories Inc., Parteurop Developpement deal

...GUL exclusively licensed Parteurop's synthetic p130 peptide for use in products to diagnose Epstein-Barr virus infection...
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