BioCentury | Nov 7, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Vaxxinity: supplanting mAbs with vaccines for chronic disease

Vaxxinity aims to disrupt the biologics market with a vaccine platform that replaces mAbs for chronic disease by inducing patients’ immune systems to manufacture therapeutic antibodies in vivo. But...
BioCentury | Oct 31, 2020
Product Development

ICER’s influence on payers could translate to a seat at the table for government drug reviews

As its influence grows among payers and biopharmas, ICER should have a role to play in most price regulation scenarios that play out under the next administration, regardless of who’s at the helm. Whether...
BioCentury | Oct 17, 2020

CHMP’s October recommendations

EMA’s CHMP has backed autologous cells therapies Tecartus, from Gilead, and Lebmeldy, from Orchard, in its October set of opinions. The agency recommended conditional marketing approval for Tecartus brexucabtagene autoleucel from the Kite Pharma Inc....
BioCentury | Sep 10, 2020
Product Development

Oxford’s Landray wants RECOVERY-type trials to go well beyond COVID-19: a BioCentury audio interview

Oxford University’s Martin Landray, one of the two initiators of the U.K.’s RECOVERY trial, said while the first consideration in designing the adaptive platform trial was to find a cure for COVID-19 as...
BioCentury | Aug 25, 2020

Seeing path for cholesterol-lowering program, Forbion launches start-up to house former Dezima molecule

Five years after reaping a strong return from cholesterol-lowering molecule obicetrapib, Forbion is again investing in the program based on a belief it can serve some dyslipidemia patients where others in its class fell short....
BioCentury | Jul 10, 2020

More risk-sharing deals to come from Blackstone's inaugural $4.6B life sciences fund, plus earlier investments

Nearly two years after acquiring Clarus Ventures, Blackstone has closed its inaugural life sciences fund at $4.6 billion, making good on its commitment to scale up the former’s risk-sharing model. Over its 13-year tenure, Clarus...
BioCentury | Jun 11, 2020

Insiders lead, crossovers join in gene editing play Verve’s $63M round

When gene editing company Verve went out seeking new investors for its latest round of funding, existing shareholder GV decided it would rather lead the round itself. GV and existing investors Arch Venture Partners, F-Prime...
BioCentury | May 27, 2020

Sanofi's sale of Regeneron stake for $11B could set stage for both companies' growth through M&A

More than 16 years and five product launches after closing its first deal with Regeneron, Sanofi has sold its holding of roughly 20% of the biotech's shares for about $11.1 billion. While the French pharma...
BioCentury | May 23, 2020
Translation in Brief

A three-compound dengue treatment; plus reversing antibiotic resistance, AbCellera-Lilly, reducing cholesterol with CRISPR and COVID cash for Sherlock

Hindering dengue by combining host- and virus-targeted drugs In a Cell Chemical Biology article , Stanford University scientists combined two host-targeted compounds with a virus-targeted compound to yield potent dengue treatment. A DHODH inhibitor tool compound,...
BioCentury | Apr 14, 2020

Blackstone makes largest-ever life sciences investment in Alnylam

Blackstone’s $2 billion investment in Alnylam is a departure from its other life sciences investments in size and scope, but the deal still fits the investor’s core model of focusing on products rather than companies....
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