BioCentury | Nov 21, 2020
Product Development

How Forma is working to show the sickle cell community it’s in for the long haul

As early clinical evidence for its sickle cell disease candidate grows, Forma is prioritizing building relationships with the patient community, with a focus on long-term policy goals and COVID-19 safety...
BioCentury | Nov 14, 2020
Product Development

ASH 2020 snapshot: efficacy data in hot emerging areas

This year’s ASH meeting provides an opportunity to take stock of clinical progress in hot target, modality and disease areas: CD47 inhibitors, allogeneic CAR T cells and sickle cell disease. Abstracts...
BioCentury | Nov 13, 2020
Product Development

Next-generation sickle cell readouts at ASH: Data Byte

The move toward sickle cell disease therapies that address the pathology’s root causes is reflected in promising early-stage readouts at ASH, which include both disease event rates and changes in red blood cell biology. The...
BioCentury | Jun 13, 2020
Product Development

Additional durability data build confidence for gene editing, gene therapies in hemoglobinopathies

It’s all about durability for gene therapies and gene editing treatments in hemoglobinopathies, and new data suggest programs from partners CRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex as well as bluebird are on track to deliver. In addition...
BioCentury | Dec 20, 2019
Financial News

Forma’s $100M series D cements pivot from discovery shop to heme and cancer therapeutics

Forma’s $100 million in series D financing will fuel the company's push to join the wave of progress in sickle cell disease and complete its transformation from a chemistry research organization to a therapeutics company...
BioCentury | Dec 7, 2019
Product Development

U.S. biosimilars glass--half full or half empty?

Ten years after the U.S. created a pathway for biosimilars--and four and a half years after the first FDA approval--a few manufacturers have demonstrated that they can overcome the technical, regulatory and commercial barriers to...
BioCentury | May 3, 2019
Product Development

Independents’ day: after their first solo launch, biotechs look to new partnering strategies

Having taken their first products to market alone, the new class of independent biotechs face decisions for what to keep and what to change as they seek to build sustainable value as end-to-end companies. One...
BioCentury | Sep 29, 2017

Agios’ acceleration

A biomarker-driven strategy in a setting where response was easy to measure, along with a healthy pile of cash, allowed Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. to go from concept to marketed drug in just over eight years....
BioCentury | Dec 16, 2016
Company News

Agios sags after discontinuing PKD program

Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AGIO) sank $10.87 (19%) to $45.07 on Friday after discontinuing development of AG-519 to treat pyruvate kinase deficiency. The company said Thursday after market hours that FDA placed a clinical hold on...
BioCentury | Jun 10, 2016
Clinical News

Agios falls after revealing PKR activator data

Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AGIO) sank $9.87 (15%) to $56.22 on Thursday after the company said data from a Phase I study showed proof-of-mechanism for AG-519 , but disclosed safety data for the small molecule activator of...
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