BioCentury | Sep 6, 2019
Company News

Management tracks: Prometheus, Step, Spero, NorthSea, Aristea, MODAG and more

Salix’s Mark McKenna will become CEO of gastroenterology and autoimmune disease company Prometheus Biosciences Inc. (San Diego, Calif.), formerly known as Precision IBD Inc. McKenna was president at Salix Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a subsidiary of Bausch...
BioCentury | Sep 4, 2019
Clinical News

Gene therapy data weigh on Ultragenyx shares

Ultragenyx shed more than $350 million in market cap on Wednesday as investors digested additional data from a Phase I/II trial of gene therapy DTX401 for glycogen storage disease and news that the company would...
BioCentury | May 10, 2019
Product Development

Congress pushes to reform patent eligibility, biotechs say not enough

Congress has taken the first step towards fixing a key problem with patent policy that has crippled the diagnostics industry and disrupted development of other life science inventions, but its proposed solution falls short for...
BioCentury | May 8, 2019
Preclinical News

May 8 Preclinical Quick Takes: Moderna, WntRx, schizophrenia, heart attack

Moderna debuts candidate for rare glycogen storage disease Moderna Inc. (NASDAQ:MRNA) revealed a new preclinical mRNA candidate to treat glycogen storage disease type Ia -- mRNA-3745, which encodes G6PC. The company presented data at the...
BioCentury | Mar 19, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

Inhibiting FASL for ischemic stroke

DISEASE CATEGORY: Neurology INDICATION: Stroke Mouse studies suggest inhibiting FASL could help treat ischemic stroke. In a mouse model of middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO)-induced stroke, an anti-FASL mAb decreased ischemic brain injury and levels...
BioCentury | Jan 9, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Metabolic Mouse studies suggest inhibiting SGLT2 could help treat G6PC3 deficiency-induced neutropenia. In a mouse model of G6PC3 deficiency, the SGLT2 inhibitor Jardiance empagliflozin decreased granulocyte maturation arrest in the bone marrow and increased...
BioCentury | Jun 21, 2018
Product R&D

Tusk’s take on CD25

As companies revisit the potential of IL-2 to aid cancer immunotherapy, Tusk Therapeutics Ltd. has a new take by attacking CD25, a component of the IL-2 receptor with its own storied past. Its antibody could...
BioCentury | Dec 18, 2017
Company News

China's RDPAC names executive committee

China's R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee, a non-profit organization made up of 41 multinational biopharmaceutical companies, named 13 members to its 2018-19 executive committee. Appointees include Jean-Christophe Pointeau as chairman and Hong Chow, Renaud Gabay and...
BioCentury | Dec 13, 2017
Distillery Techniques


TECHNOLOGY: Tissue markers Truncating mutations in LYST could help diagnose sporadic chordoma. In tumor samples from 104 sporadic chordoma patients, whole-genome, whole-exome or targeted sequencing identified truncating LYST mutations in 10 of the patients (9.6%),...
BioCentury | Dec 13, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Melanoma Mouse studies suggest FASL inhibitors could help treat immunotherapy-resistant melanoma. In a mouse model of immunotherapy-resistant melanoma, a fusion protein consisting of Fas receptor and the Fc region of murine IgG2A (Fas-Fc) that...
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