BioCentury | Jul 10, 2020

2Q20 Wrap: Biotech bounce

After the sudden, COVID-driven market declines that closed out 1Q20, biotech stocks rebounded in the second quarter with a force that has put shares up year to date. Many of the biggest moves came from...
BioCentury | Sep 5, 2013
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Cancer

...suggest inhibiting PLOD2 could help prevent metastasis in patients with sarcoma. In the tumor microenvironment, PLOD2...
...mouse models of sarcoma, small hairpin RNA against Hif1a or Plod2 or pharmacological inhibition of Plod2...
...PLOD2 expression were greater in metastatic tumors than nonmetastatic tumors. Next steps could include testing PLOD2...
BioCentury | Jun 24, 2013

Breakthrough flood

FDA 's Janet Woodcock says the flood of breakthrough therapy designations is probably not an anomaly and is a result of the increased number of targeted therapies that present dramatic efficacy in early clinical trials....
BioCentury | Apr 4, 2011

Hoping for a Springboard

Biotech plodded through a mostly flat first quarter but surged in the last couple of weeks, giving biotech buysiders hope that a few better-than-expected product launches plus a slew of regulatory and clinical milestones in...
BioCentury | Sep 13, 2010

Back to School 2010: Regulatory innovation

For the past five years, BioCentury's Back to School Commentary has explored facets of life sciences innovation throughout the value chain, including the economics of innovation, the drivers that define the value of innovation, the...
BioCentury | Sep 14, 2009

Back to School 2009: Life in the new ecosystem

Going into 2010, it's time to stop bemoaning the loss of what biotech used to be and get busy building what it must become. Clearly, the best companies and investors will survive, and there will...
BioCentury | Feb 10, 2003
Politics, Policy & Law

France looks liberal on cloning; less so on patents

A proposal ratified by the French Senate would legalize the use of leftover embryos for stem cell research. The move represents an about-face for conservative lawmakers, who previously had opposed all therapeutic cloning. However, the...
BioCentury | Feb 10, 2003
Politics, Policy & Law


Plodding Member state Status/date implemented European Commission comment Austria Delayed Due to general election, the government must submit a new draft Belgium Expected to become law before general election May 18 Submitted to parliament in...
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