BC Extra | May 13, 2019
Company News

May 13 Company Quick Takes: PeptiDream/JCR, Grail, Lilly, Onconova/HanX, Regeneron

PeptiDream, JCR deal produces drug carriers for CNS delivery  The 2016 partnership between PeptiDream Inc. (Tokyo:4587) and JCR Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4552) has led to the development of constrained peptides that bind TFRC and are...
BC Innovations | Nov 30, 2018
Targets & Mechanisms

Revving up metabolism at ASH 2018

Cancer metabolism is a prominent theme at this year’s ASH meeting, with researchers broadening the tent from metabolic targets that drive hematologic malignancies to those that intersect with other hot topics, notably immuno-oncology and epigenetics....
BC Innovations | Sep 10, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) Cell culture studies identified a pteridinylbenzamide-based dual PLK1/BRD4 inhibitor that could help treat AML. Chemical synthesis and screening of analogs of a pteridinylbenzamide-based tool compound PLK1 inhibitor in enzyme activity...
BC Innovations | May 9, 2018
Distillery Techniques

Drug delivery

TECHNOLOGY: Nanoparticles Cell-penetrating peptide-based nanoparticles could be used to deliver CRISPR-Cas9 machinery for cancer. The nanoparticles consist of a cationic α-helical cell-penetrating peptide and serum stability-enhancing polyethylene glycol (PEG) loaded with a plasmid vector encoding...
BC Innovations | Apr 10, 2018
Distillery Techniques

Drug delivery

TECHNOLOGY: Nanoparticles Nanoparticles based on EIF2AK2 could be used to deliver siRNAs to treat cancer and other diseases. The nanoparticles consist of a polyethylene glycol (PEG) core linked to a histidine-rich peptide for enhanced cellular...
BC Week In Review | Jan 19, 2018
Clinical News

Onconova expands enrollment in Phase III INSPIRE trial of rigosertib in MDS

Onconova Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:ONTX) said it will expand enrollment in the Phase III INSPIRE trial of IV rigosertib (Estybon, SyB L-1101, ON 01910.Na) to treat higher-risk myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in patients who progressed on, failed...
BC Innovations | Aug 16, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Colorectal cancer; pancreatic cancer In vitro , cell culture and mouse studies identified a PLK1 inhibitor that could help treat KRAS -driven colorectal and pancreatic cancers. Screening of a library of 120,000 drug-like molecules an...
BC Extra | Jul 11, 2017
Preclinical News

Researchers link PLK1 inhibition to CV risks

In a paper published in Nature Medicine , researchers at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) identified an unexpected cardiovascular risk in mice with polo-like kinase 1 ( PLK1 ) inhibition, including mice treated with volasertib (BI...
BC Week In Review | Apr 27, 2017
Clinical News

CYC140: Preclinical data

In mouse xenograft models of esophageal cancer and acute leukemia, CYC140 significantly reduced mean tumor volume vs. vehicle-treated controls. Data were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Washington, D.C. CYC140 is...
BC Week In Review | Mar 24, 2017
Company News

Nerviano, Trovagene deal

Nerviano granted Trovagene exclusive, worldwide rights to develop and commercialize PCM-075 (NMS-1286937). The candidate is the first cancer therapeutic in Trovagene's pipeline. Nerviano will receive $2 million up front and is eligible for development milestones...
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