BC Innovations | Aug 22, 2019
Distillery Techniques

Delivering mAbs to CNS metastases using polymer-based nanoparticles

TECHNIQUES CATEGORY: Drug delivery TECHNOLOGY: Polymers; nanoparticles A zwitterionic polymer-based nanoparticle system could enable delivery of therapeutic mAbs to cancer metastases in the CNS. The method involves encapsulating mAbs in nanoparticles formed by cross-linking methacryloyloxyethyl...
BC Extra | Dec 18, 2017
Company News

China's RDPAC names executive committee

China's R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee, a non-profit organization made up of 41 multinational biopharmaceutical companies, named 13 members to its 2018-19 executive committee. Appointees include Jean-Christophe Pointeau as chairman and Hong Chow, Renaud Gabay and...
BC Week In Review | Oct 13, 2017
Clinical News

Athera begins Phase IIa trial of PC-mAb for arterial inflammation

Athera Biotechnologies AB (Stockholm, Sweden) began a Phase IIa trial of once-monthly IV PC-mAb to treat arterial inflammation in patients with elevated levels of lipoprotein(a) (LPA) . The double-blind, placebo-controlled, European trial's primary endpoint is monocyte...
BioCentury | Jan 25, 2016

Formative years

VCs that spend a large chunk of their time and capital creating companies from scratch are planning to continue regardless of what happens with the financial markets. Although de novo company formation takes a lot...
BC Extra | Mar 11, 2015
Company News

Pernix acquires Zogenix's Zohydro franchise

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:PTX) will acquire the Zohydro ER analgesic franchise of Zogenix Inc. (NASDAQ:ZGNX). The franchise includes Zohydro ER, an oral controlled-release formulation of hydrocodone; Zohydro ER with BeadTek , an oral controlled-release formulation...
BioCentury | Feb 16, 2015
Politics, Policy & Law

Start the experiments

It is at least beginning to dawn on all but the most obstinate of companies that current drug pricing paradigms are unsustainable. Yet barriers created by long-standing Medicare and Medicaid rules - some real and some...
BC Innovations | Feb 12, 2015
Targets & Mechanisms

High five for Arsanis

Researchers at Arsanis Inc. and Adimab LLC have identified an antibody that simultaneously neutralizes five Staphylococcus aureus toxins - defying the odds of hitting such diverse structures by fishing out an exposed conserved patch. While Arsanis...
BC Week In Review | Dec 15, 2014
Company News

Athera, Boehringer Ingelheim deal

Athera said Boehringer declined to exercise its exclusive, 2013 option to PC-mAb , a human mAb against phosphorylcholine that is in Phase I testing to treat patients with cardiovascular disease at an increased risk for secondary...
BC Week In Review | Sep 22, 2014
Company News

Accel-Rx Health Sciences Accelerator finance news

Accel-Rx, a pan-Canadian health sciences accelerator, announced its official launch after receiving a C$14.5 million ($13.1 million) award from the Canadian government's Centers of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR) program. CDRD Ventures Inc. , the...
BC Week In Review | Jun 30, 2014
Clinical News

Orteronel: Development discontinued

Takeda discontinued development of orteronel for prostate cancer after reporting mixed Phase III data in metastatic CRPC. Takeda said orteronel did not demonstrate a clinical profile “sufficient” to move forward in the indication “given the...
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