BioCentury | Jun 11, 2020

In course correction, AbbVie steers toward innovation with Genmab deal profile. AbbVie will also co-develop DuoBody-CD3x5T4. The bispecific targets CD3 on T cells and oncofetal antigen 5T4...
BioCentury | Feb 19, 2020

Feb. 19 Financial Quick Takes: bluebird's delayed BLA timeline, plus fundings for NeoTx, Scipher and EnClear combination with Imfinzi durvalumab to treat solid tumors. Naptumomab estafenatox includes an antibody targeting oncofetal antigen 5T4...
BioCentury | Apr 26, 2018
Product R&D

Brake for gas

...Therapeutics Inc. and Alligator Bioscience AB have ALG.APV-527, a preclinical bispecific antibody targeting 4-1BB and oncofetal antigen 5T4...
BioCentury | Oct 31, 2016
Company News

Active Biotech, NeoTX Therapeutics deal a Phase II/III trial to treat renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The product is a 5T4...
BioCentury | Sep 29, 2014

CureVac bet paying off

...MAGEC1 ), MAGEC2 , cancer/testis antigen 1B ( CTAG1B ; NY-ESO-1), survivin (BIRC5) and oncofetal antigen 5T4...
BioCentury | Sep 22, 2014
Company News

CureVac, Boehringer Ingelheim deal

...MAGEC1 ), MAGEC2 , cancer/testis antigen 1B ( CTAG1B ; NY-ESO-1), survivin (BIRC5) , oncofetal antigen 5T4...
BioCentury | Sep 19, 2014
Company News

Boehringer licenses CureVac's CV9202 C 1 (MAGEC1), MAGEC2, cancer/testis antigen 1B ( CTAG1B ; NY-ESO-1), survivin (BIRC5) , oncofetal antigen 5T4...
BioCentury | May 12, 2014

Vivid imaging

...bladder cancer, CD3 for Crohn's disease and CD8 for cancer. The company also has an oncofetal antigen 5T4...
BioCentury | Feb 17, 2014
Company News

DanDrit Biotech USA, Oxford BioMedica, myTomorrows cancer news

...terms. Oxford BioMedica is developing preventive vaccine TroVax , a modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) against 5T4...
BioCentury | Sep 2, 2013
Clinical News

PF-06263507: Phase I started

...Wyeth , which Pfizer acquired in 2009, exclusive, worldwide rights to market antibodies against the 5T4...
...rights to Oxford BioMedica's 5T4 tumor antibodies for diagnostic use and an option to commercialize 5T4-based...
...NYSE:PFE), New York, N.Y. Product: PF-06263507 Business: Cancer Molecular target: Oncofetal antigen 5T4 Description: Humanized mAb against oncofetal antigen 5T4...
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