BC Extra | Dec 17, 2019
Financial News

Cellestia plans Phase II for solid, blood cancers with $20M series B

Cellestia is developing what could be a first-in-class small molecule that prevents assembly of transcription factor complexes that activate oncogene expression, and has raised CHF20 million ($20.3 million) in a B round that’ll enable completion...
BioCentury | Apr 7, 2017
Emerging Company Profile

Up a notch

By targeting a protein all Notch receptors use to turn on oncogenes, Cellestia Biotech AG ’s molecules could treat more patients than therapies against individual Notch receptors or ligands, with less toxicity than other pan-Notch...
BC Innovations | Mar 3, 2016
Translation in Brief

Notching up differences

A study in Cancer Research from the University of Queensland suggests that Notch 4 might be an outlier in the Notch family of proteins that are commonly thought of as oncogenes. By showing Notch 4...
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