BioCentury | Oct 28, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Targeting the NMDA receptor-TRPM4 complex for neurodegeneration

DISEASE CATEGORY: Neurology INDICATION: Stroke; neurology Disruption of the NMDA receptor-TRPM4 complex could treat ischemic stroke and other neurodegenerative diseases with NMDA receptor involvement. In mouse hippocampal neurons deprived of oxygen and glucose or treated...
BioCentury | Apr 30, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Inhibiting an NMDA receptor to reduce lupus neurological symptoms

DISEASE CATEGORY: Autoimmune disease INDICATION: Lupus Antagonists of the NMDA receptor GRIN2A could treat systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease that can cause neuropsychiatric symptoms including memory impairment. Cell-based assays revealed that a patient-derived...
BioCentury | Jan 17, 2020
Preclinical News

Jan 16 Preclinical Quick Takes: Deerfield's Orchard partners with Yeda; Acuitas-Penn flu vaccine in newborns; plus Regeneron, Genentech-Gladstone and Banyan

Deerfield forms Orchard Innovations in Yeda collaboration on translation Deerfield Management Co. launched Orchard Innovations LLC to pursue translational R&D derived from Weizmann Institute of Science research. Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd., Weizmann’s commercial...
BioCentury | Aug 8, 2019
Distillery Techniques

Mouse model of autoimmune encephalitis for screening therapies

TECHNIQUES CATEGORY: Disease models TECHNOLOGY: Animal models Mice injected with GRIN1 and GRIN2B could be used to screen therapies for the autoimmune disorder anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. In mice, subcutaneous injection of liposomes loaded with rat...
BioCentury | May 3, 2018
Translation in Brief

New Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers: April 2018

...studies suggest inhibiting GRIN2C and GRIN2D could help treat stroke. University of Plymouth Distillery Therapeutics NMDA receptor NR2D subtype (GRIN2D)...
BioCentury | Apr 3, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


...Robert Fern, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, U.K. email: Hongjiang Li University of Plymouth NMDA receptor NR2C subtype (GRIN2C) NMDA receptor NR2D subtype (GRIN2D) Stroke...
BioCentury | Sep 1, 2017
Company News

Janssen gains MDD compound CERC-501 from Cerecor

Cerecor Inc. (NASDAQ:CERC) divested its CERC-501 to the Janssen Biotech Inc. unit of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) for $25 million and up to $20 million in regulatory milestones. Janssen will assume responsibility for ongoing clinical...
BioCentury | Mar 17, 2017
Company News

Ataxion, Luc Therapeutics deal

Ataxion will merge with Luc; the newco will retain Luc's name and focus on precision medicine for neurological and psychiatric diseases. Its pipeline includes programs to treat ataxia, schizophrenia and depression, which is being developed...
BioCentury | Feb 10, 2017
Clinical News

CERC-301: Ph II Clin301-203 data

Last November, Cerecor reported top-line data from the double-blind, U.S. Phase II Clin301-203 trial in 115 MDD patients showing that adjunctive treatment with 12 and 20 mg oral CERC-301 on days 0 and 7 each...
BioCentury | Jan 18, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Cognitive dysfunction In vitro and rat studies suggest agonizing the GRIN2A signaling pathway could help treat age-related cognitive dysfunction. In brain slices from a rat model of the disease, a tool compound that agonizes...
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