BioCentury | Feb 26, 2020

Bicycle’s bicyclic peptides attract Genentech as first corporate immuno-oncology partner

...Phase I testing. Targets 4-1BB (TNFRSP9; CD137) - Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 9 Nectin-4 (PRR4) Lauren...
BioCentury | Mar 28, 2019
Clinical News

Seattle Genetics, Astellas ADC heading for bladder cancer submission

...ligand 1; PRR4 - Nectin-4 Paul Bonanos, Assistant Editor enfortumab vedotin (ASG-22CE, ASG-22ME, asg-22m6e) Astellas Pharma Inc. Seattle Genetics Inc. Nectin-4 (PRR4)...
BioCentury | Feb 16, 2019
Product Development

ADCs’ inflection point

...III; data 1H19 Seattle Genetics Inc. (NASDAQ:SGEN) / Astellas Pharma Inc. (Tokyo:4503) Enfortumab vedotin Cleavable Nectin-4 (PRR4)... switch. Seattle Genetics expects data this quarter from a Phase III trial of its anti-Nectin-4 (PRR4)...
BioCentury | Feb 8, 2019
Company News

Seattle Genetics down on light 2019 Adcetris sales guidance

...Eaton Adcetris (Brand), SGN-35 (Compound #), brentuximab vedotin (Generic), Adcetris (Other) enfortumab vedotin (ASG-22CE, ASG-22ME, asg-22m6e) Seattle Genetics Inc. CD30 Nectin-4 (PRR4)...
BioCentury | May 30, 2016
Clinical News

Enfortumab vedotin: Phase I data

...ASG-22ME ) (formerly ASG-22M6E ) Business: Cancer Molecular target: Nectin-4 (PRR4) Description: Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) targeting nectin-4 (PRR4)...
BioCentury | Jun 17, 2013

Externalizing Astellas

...targeting the solute carrier family 44 member 4 (SLC44A4) antigen; ASG-22ME , an ADC targeting nectin-4 (PRR4)...
BioCentury | Feb 20, 2012
Company News

Seattle Genetics, Abbott, Astellas, Pfizer deal

...June, Seattle Genetics exercised an option to co-develop and co-commercialize ASG-22ME . The ADC targeting nectin-4 (PRR4)...
BioCentury | Jun 13, 2011
Company News

Seattle Genetics, Astellas deal IND last quarter for a Phase I trial of the antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) targeting nectin-4 (PRR4)...
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