BioCentury | Nov 13, 2020
Product Development

A huge sigh of relief, but a long road ahead: AZ’s Pangalos on COVID-19 in a BioCentury audio interview

The interim data from Pfizer and BioNTech showing 90% efficacy this week was at the same time a big step and a baby step for the field, according to Mene Pangalos, who sees a long...
BioCentury | Nov 7, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

CIRM refuels with $5.5B and a chance to improve its track record

While a narrow win on California’s Prop. 14 has replenished CIRM’s coffers with $5.5 billion, the stem cell institute will likely have to improve its track record to justify the taxpayer outlay. ...
BioCentury | Oct 27, 2020
Product Development

FDA advisory panel’s Offit opposes COVID vaccine EUA based on interim data

Paul Offit and other members of FDA’s vaccines advisory committee are unlikely to recommend emergency use authorization of COVID-19 vaccines based on interim analyses of Phase III trials, according to Offit. If his view prevails,...
BioCentury | Oct 23, 2020

SPAC to the future: an old-time IPO alternative may be back to stay

Investors and bankers believe specialist-backed SPACs could become a cyclical part of biotech’s fund-raising equation with some clear advantages over traditional IPOs for the right type of company. But...
BioCentury | Oct 3, 2020
Product Development

Departing Alnylam, Greene has messages for industry from company building to product pricing

As Barry Greene departs Alnylam, he believes the modality he nurtured from plan to reality has the potential to sit alongside mAbs and small molecules as an agent of choice. Greene announced in August...
BioCentury | Oct 2, 2020
Product Development

With patient groups’ endorsement, Amylyx, FDA to discuss approval of ALS therapy

With two patient groups petitioning for its ALS candidate to reach patients quickly, Amylyx is preparing a pitch to FDA based on data from the 137-patient CENTAUR trial that could give the venture-backed biotech a...
BioCentury | Sep 16, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

Vaccine hesitancy: why American values matter

More than a third of Americans tell polls they would not take a vaccine to prevent COVID-19, the most devastating disease in 100 years. Vaccine hesitancy is even higher among Black people — hard-hit in...
BioCentury | Sep 11, 2020
Product Development

Loxo’s Bilenker on why reimbursement crisis is creating innovation, access crises: a BioCentury audio interview

COVID-19 has spotlighted the critical role of diagnostics and focused the world’s attention on the threats posed by infectious pathogens. Awareness is good, but what’s really needed to advance diagnostics...
BioCentury | Sep 11, 2020
Product Development

Pfizer’s MacKenzie: Other diseases deserve the same acceleration as COVID-19: a BioCentury audio interview

Pfizer’s Rod MacKenzie says the collaborations and accelerated timelines taking place during COVID-19 are causing introspection in pharmas for how they operate, and for how they can push for regulators...
BioCentury | Sep 11, 2020
Product Development

COVID-19 should spur massive investment in science and technology, Regeneron’s Yancopoulos says: a BioCentury audio interview

In addition to preparing for future pandemics, the U.S. should increase its investments in science and technology by orders of magnitude to head off crippling onslaughts of disease, Regeneron’s George Yancopoulos told BioCentury. In a...
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