BioCentury | Aug 9, 2019
Company News

Aug. 8 Company Quick Takes: Amarin tumbles on Vascepa update; plus Alexandria, Cambrex, Kala and miRagen

...positions, which will extend its cash runway into 2Q20. Targets: miR-29 - MicroRNA-29; miR-92a - MicroRNA-92a...
BioCentury | Oct 21, 2017
Product Development

Naked ambition

...via inhalation or locally, depending on the indication. miRagen’s MRG-110 is a synthetic inhibitor of miR-92a...
BioCentury | Jan 15, 2015
Product R&D

Epizyme's mantle piece

Epigenetic modulation notched another target last month when Epizyme Inc. announced a preclinical compound against PRMT5 - an arginine methyltransferase - that shows activity in mouse models of mantle cell lymphoma. The next step is to discover...
BioCentury | Apr 24, 2014
Targets & Mechanisms

Mired in miR-25

...levels and caused a greater decline in cardiac function compared with what was seen using miR-92a...
BioCentury | Dec 6, 2010
Company News

miRagen, t2cure deal

t2cure granted miRagen exclusive, worldwide rights to the technology and IP related to the in vivo use of microRNA 92 (miR-92). t2cure retains the rights to use modulators of miR-92 for ex-vivo treatment of cellular...
BioCentury | Jun 4, 2009
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Cardiovascular disease

...Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Cardiovascular disease Ischemia; myocardial infarction (MI) MicroRNA-92a...
BioCentury | Apr 10, 2008
Distillery Therapeutics

This Week in Therapeutics

This week in therapeutics Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Cancer Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) miR-29c A study in tissue culture suggests that modulating expression of microRNA miR-29c could help treat NPC, a...
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