BioCentury | Apr 5, 2019
Tools & Techniques

Second shot for shRNA

Having long been demoted to tool compound status, shRNA is gaining renewed attention as a therapeutic modality by offering a simpler path to creating next-generation cell therapies than gene editing. Celyad has jumped in, using...
BioCentury | Apr 13, 2018
Targets & Mechanisms

Hello RNA

BioCentury’s analysis of new and emerging targets presented at this year’s AACR meeting reveals a surge in activity in non-coding RNAs, as researchers continue to expand target space. The results also reflect the ongoing high...
BioCentury | Mar 29, 2017
Distillery Techniques


TECHNOLOGY: Plasma markers Serum levels of a panel of miRNAs could help diagnose radiation exposure and predict survival after total body irradiation. In serum samples taken from 54 monkeys before and after total body irradiation,...
BioCentury | Oct 6, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: MicroRNA-30a (miR-30a)

Autoimmune disease INDICATION: Multiple sclerosis (MS) Mouse studies suggest promoting miR-30a expression with disulfiram or diphenhydramine hydrochloride could help treat MS. In the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) mouse model of MS, IV injection of a...
BioCentury | Jul 16, 2015
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL); nuclear factor of κ light polypeptide gene enhancer in B cells 1 (NF-κB; NF

Cancer INDICATION: Lung cancer In vitro and mouse studies suggest TRAIL plus inhibition of either NF-κB, miR-21, miR-30c or miR-100 could help treat TRAIL-resistant lung cancer. Levels of NF-κB, miR-21, miR-30c and miR-100 were higher...
BioCentury | Jul 18, 2013
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Various

This week in therapeutics Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Various Atherosclerosis; hyperlipidemia MicroRNA-30c (miR-30c) Mouse and cell culture studies suggest miR-30c could help treat hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. In mice fed a...
BioCentury | Oct 21, 2010
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Neurology

...and contact information Neurology Rett syndrome Methyl CpG binding protein 2 (MECP2; RTT); microRNA-30a (miR-30a); miR-30d...
...a loss-of-function mutation in MECP2. In mice, knockout of Mecp2 caused greater levels of miR-30a, miR-30d...
BioCentury | Apr 30, 2009
Cover Story

miRNAs sounding better

Hearing loss is a field that has been totally refractory to drug treatment. Now, British and Spanish researchers have converged on microRNA-96, or elements downstream of it, as a potential therapeutic target for treating age-related...
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