BC Week In Review | Jan 20, 2014
Company News

Epigenomics, Kindstar Global Co. Ltd. sales and marketing update

Epigenomics granted Kindstar exclusive rights to develop and commercialize the Epi proLung BL Reflex assay for use in lung cancer diagnosis in China. Kindstar will be responsible for regulatory activities in China. Epigenomics will be...
BC Week In Review | Jul 19, 2010
Clinical News

Epi proLung BL Reflex assay: Pivotal trial data

In a U.K. pivotal trial in 150 patients who had undergone diagnostic work-ups for suspected lung cancer, Epi proLung BL Reflex assay had 81% sensitivity and 95% specificity for diagnosing lung cancer. Earlier this month,...
BC Week In Review | Jul 12, 2010
Company News

Epigenomics sales and marketing update

Epigenomics launched its Epi proLung BL Reflex Assay in Europe as an aid in the diagnosis of lung cancer. The in vitro diagnostic detects methylated DNA of the short stature homeobox 2 ( mSHOX2 ) gene in...
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