BioCentury | Dec 19, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics

Inflammation; pulmonary

INDICATION: Asthma; pulmonary fibrosis Mouse studies suggest an inhaled prodrug of a PI3K inhibitor could help treat asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. In mouse models of acute allergic asthma and chronic asthma, inhalation of a methylbenzoate-based...
BioCentury | Dec 4, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Alzheimer's disease (AD) In vitro and mouse studies identified an inhibitor of Aβ 42 polymerization that could help treat AD. In vitro screening of nine amyloid-binding compounds in polymerization assays, followed by in vitro...
BioCentury | Nov 15, 2018
Translation in Brief

The bystander effect of Treg depletion

Limiting bystander effects of immunosuppressive Treg-targeting therapies may be crucial for their antitumor efficacy, according to data released last week at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer meeting. Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co. Ltd. (Tokyo:4151) presented...
BioCentury | Oct 31, 2017
Distillery Techniques


TECHNOLOGY: SNPs A panel of five genomic loci could help predict the risk of food allergy. Genome-wide association studies in 1,547 children with food allergies and 4,897 healthy volunteers identified associations between the disease and...
BioCentury | Aug 10, 2017
Emerging Company Profile

Flexing against suppression

FLX Bio Inc. is creating small molecules to dim immunosuppressive actors in the tumor microenvironment without the baggage of the antibodies dominating the immuno-oncology space. Armed with $79 million in series A and B funds,...
BioCentury | Jul 31, 2017
Distillery Techniques


TECHNOLOGY: Tool compounds A quinolin-2-one-based inhibitor of BRPF1 , BRPF3 and BRD1 could be useful for probing the roles of the proteins in cancer and inflammation. Chemical synthesis and in vitro binding and activity assays of...
BioCentury | Jul 10, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics

Endocrine / Metabolic

INDICATION: Obesity Human sample and mouse studies suggest inhibiting CADM1 in the brain could help treat obesity. In brain tissue samples from non-obese surgery patients and postmortem subjects, levels of CADM1 in the hypothalamus were...
BioCentury | Jan 11, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Pain Mouse studies identified a STOML3 inhibitor that could help treat neuropathic pain associated with nerve injury and diabetes. Screening of a small molecule library for inhibitors of mouse and human STOML3 dimerization followed...
BioCentury | Oct 20, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Melanoma Patient sample and mouse studies suggest cutaneous expression of the Treg-attracting chemokine CCL22 could help treat metastatic melanoma. In samples of patient skin metastases, levels of CCL22 were higher than in healthy volunteer...
BioCentury | Sep 26, 2016
Company News

Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine Berlin-Buch, Wilex deal

The Max Delbrueck Center ( MDC ) granted Wilex’s Heidelberg Pharma GmbH subsidiary an option to license humanized antibodies against tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily member 17 ( BCMA ; TNFRSF17 ; CD269 ). Heidelberg designated HDP-101...
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