BioCentury | Aug 25, 2020
Product Development

Aug. 24 Quick Takes: Setbacks for Novartis, Odonate, Onconova, Tricida; plus upcoming adcomm for Alkermes, and Sinopharm’s vaccine

Novartis’ PD-1 misses in melanoma comboNovartis AG (NYSE:NVS; SIX:NOVN) said spartalizumab missed the primary endpoint of the Phase III COMBI-i trial in patients with untreated, unresectable BRAF V600-mutant cutaneous melanoma. The PD-1 inhibitor, in combination...
BioCentury | Aug 8, 2020
Translation in Brief

Cocrystal’s COVID-19 antivirals; plus a portable breast cancer diagnostic, Tarveda mini-drug conjugate for solid tumors, and more

Broad-spectrum coronavirus protease inhibitors A Wichita State University, University of Iowa and Kansas State University team reported in a Science Translational Medicine article the generation of a series of inhibitors of the protease 3CLpro from...
BioCentury | Jun 26, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

MAP3K7, IL18R1 as targets in obesity-related cerebrovascular dysfunction

DISEASE CATEGORY: Endocrine/metabolic; neurology INDICATION: Obesity; stroke Inhibiting MAP3K7 or the IL-18 receptor subunit IL18R1 could treat obesity-associated cerebrovascular dysfunction. In cultured rat aortic endothelial cells, an siRNA against IL18R1 increased levels of phosphorylated NOS3,...
BioCentury | May 26, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Boosting Tnip3-mediated inhibition of MAP3K7 for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

DISEASE CATEGORY: Hepatic INDICATION: Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Promoting the expression of Tnip3, which inhibits inflammation, and its prevention of MAP3K7 activation could treat NASH. Hepatic levels of Tnip3 protein and mRNA were lower in NASH...
BioCentury | May 22, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

With $60M, Canaan-incubated Day One seizes on under-appreciated advances in pediatric cancers

Day One is using its $60 million series A round to acquire and develop cancer therapies that target biology shared by pediatric and adult cancers, capitalizing on growing understanding and clinical trial infrastructure to make...
BioCentury | Apr 29, 2020
Product Development

Highlights from AACR’s first annual virtual meeting show mixed results for I/O combos, promise for new targets, modalities

Immuno-oncology combinations showed mixed results at the first of two virtual annual meetings this year of the American Association for Cancer Research, with PD-L1 inhibitor Tecentriq atezolizumab reporting two negative readouts and uninspiring monotherapy data...
BioCentury | Apr 13, 2020

FDA says cancer still a priority as it approves AZ’s Koselugo, a first for nerve tumors

With the approval of the first therapy for a rare pediatric cancer Friday, FDA is assuring cancer patients that getting treatments into their hands is still a priority for the agency during the COVID-19 pandemic....
BioCentury | Apr 9, 2020

As Tango moves toward clinic with $60M series B, another partnership could precede IPO

Although synthetic lethality company Tango’s $60 million series B round includes crossover investors who might normally signal that an IPO is in the offing, President and CEO Barbara Weber thinks the wealth of targets that...
BioCentury | Jan 9, 2020
Company News

Pfizer dips into translational regulation for cancer with eFFECTOR deal

eFFECTOR’s deal with Pfizer is the latest indication that translational control elements are a promising, emerging source of new drug targets. The companies teamed up to develop small molecule inhibitors of the translation initiation complex...
BioCentury | Nov 16, 2019
Company News

Nov. 15 Company Quick Takes: Qiagen continues climb after confirming takeout offers; plus Fetroja, selumetinib, PharmAbcine, semaglutide

Qiagen confirms acquisition interest Qiagen N.V. (NYSE:QGEN; Xetra:QIA) said Friday it is reviewing its strategic alternatives after receiving several “non-binding indications of interest for the acquisition” of the diagnostics company. Since acquisition rumors emerged Wednesday,...
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