BC Extra | Oct 1, 2019
Company News

ElevateBio launches HighPassBio with TCR immunotherapy focus

Less than five months after its launch, ElevateBio has announced a second portfolio company: HighPassBio, which is developing T cell immunotherapies based on research from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. HighPassBio’s lead candidate is...
BC Innovations | Aug 15, 2019
Product Development

Adaptive is surfing a wave of enthusiasm in disease detection, betting on the immune system

Adaptive’s float to more than $5 billion after its June IPO is largely based on its ambition to compete with the likes of Grail and Guardant in early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases by...
BC Innovations | Apr 12, 2018
Translation in Brief

Shape recognition

A Cardiff University team has engineered a D-peptide that mimicked the T cell agonist activity of an influenza peptide and protected mice from infection by the virus. The findings suggest oral vaccines based on synthetic...
BC Innovations | Apr 3, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics

Infectious disease

INDICATION: Influenza virus Mouse studies suggest a vaccine based on an M1-mimicking synthetic peptide could help treat influenza. Screening of a combinatorial library of D-peptides against CD8 + T cell clones specific for the immunodominant...
BioCentury | Dec 16, 2017
Product Development

Assessing the BCMA scene

Differences in patient populations and a dearth of clinical outcome data mean it’s too soon to declare bluebird bio Inc.’s anti-BCMA chimeric antigen receptor therapy the leader of the pack of CARs that presented clinical...
BC Week In Review | Oct 17, 2016
Clinical News

NY-ESO SPEAR T-cell therapy: Phase I/IIa amended

Adaptimmune amended the preconditioning regimen of an open-label, U.S. Phase I/IIa trial of NY-ESO SPEAR T cell therapy after the company observed no objective clinical responses in the trial’s first iteration. Patients will now receive...
BC Week In Review | Jan 4, 2016
Clinical News

MAGE A10 TCR: Phase I/II started

Adaptimmune began an open-label, dose-escalation, international Phase I/II trial to evaluate IV MAGE A10 TCR in up to 32 patients with the HLA-A*0201 and HLA-A*0206 alleles and NSCLC positive for MAGEA10. Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ:ADAP),...
BC Week In Review | Dec 7, 2015
Clinical News

Enhanced T-cell therapy targeting NY-ESO-1: Phase I/II started

Adaptimmune began an open-label, U.S. Phase I/II trial to evaluate a single dose of enhanced T-cell therapy targeting NY-ESO-1 in up to 10 patients with the HLA-A*0201, HLA-A*0205 and/or HLA-A*0206 alleles and whose disease has...
BC Innovations | Mar 28, 2013
Targets & Mechanisms

mAb attack on WT1

Wilms tumor 1 is overexpressed in many different cancers, but most antibody and small molecule developers have deemed it undruggable because it is an intracellular transcription factor. Now, researchers at Eureka Therapeutics Inc. and the...
BC Week In Review | Jun 14, 2010
Clinical News

Ipilimumab: Phase III data

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, international Phase III trial (Study 020) in 676 major histocompatibility complex class I A 0201 ( HLA-A 0201 )-positive patients with previously-treated, unresectable stage III or IV metastatic melanoma, ipilimumab plus a...
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