BioCentury | May 21, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Repertoire bets on both sides of the TCR-antigen coin

Flagship’s Repertoire aims to identify which TCRs and antigens matter in disease and apply those insights to biomarkers and therapies, starting with a cytokine-loaded T cell candidate for cancer. Repertoire Immune Medicines Inc. emerged in...
BioCentury | May 9, 2020
Product Development

A guide to COVID-19 vaccine modalities in the clinic

Of the more than 90 vaccines in development for COVID-19, at least nine -- spanning nucleic acid, viral vector-based and inactivated vaccines -- are in clinical testing. During infection with SARS-CoV-2, the host proteins ACE2...
BioCentury | Feb 6, 2020
Product Development

Early signs CAR NKs could compete with CAR Ts in heme cancers

Early clinical data from CAR NK cells have started to roll in, and hint the modality could compete with CAR T cells on efficacy. Built into CAR NK cells are the benefits of off-the-shelf manufacturing...
BioCentury | Feb 1, 2020
Product Development

BioNTech’s approach to matching technologies to tumors

Though often compared to Moderna, BioNTech is not an mRNA company -- it’s a cancer company. The German biotech has amassed six different technologies in its 12-year history to address the entire continuum of solid...
BC Extra | Jan 25, 2020
Preclinical News

Ervaxx pursues non-peptide tumor antigens via Cardiff University TCR, T cell deal

A research collaboration with Cardiff University will enable Ervaxx to go beyond targeting neoantigens derived from typically unexpressed DNA, to tumor antigens that aren’t peptides. Ervaxx Ltd. will fund research, conducted in the lab of...
BC Innovations | Dec 6, 2019
Targets & Mechanisms

Bispecifics and allogeneics steal the spotlight from autologous CAR Ts

Standing out at this year's ASH meeting is a pair of growing threats to first-generation CAR T cell therapies: bispecific antibodies and allogeneic cell therapies. Gone are the days when autologous CAR Ts were the...
BC Innovations | Nov 21, 2019
Targets & Mechanisms

Genocea's cautionary tale: avoid inhibitory neoantigens in vaccines

Genocea’s SITC presentations bolstered its case for screening out inhibitory neoantigens from cancer vaccines by suggesting the peptides play a role in checkpoint inhibitor resistance and promote disease progression. One of the keys to designing...
BC Extra | Nov 15, 2019
Preclinical News

Nov. 14 Preclinical Quick Takes: Gut microbe-targeting phage for alcoholic liver disease; plus Cellectis, Biomica, University of Michigan and Rubius

Bacteriophages for alcoholic liver disease  In a study described in Nature , University of California San Diego researchers identified a strain of gut microbiome member Enterococcus faecalis that expresses the exotoxin cytolysin as a target for...
BioCentury | Oct 19, 2019
Product Development

How GSK has rebuilt its oncology pipeline from the ground up

Less than two years into GSK's cancer rebuild, Hal Barron is making measurable strides to reposition the pharma as an immunology-focused company. His turnaround boasts an expanded immuno-oncology pipeline, replete with multiple modalities, and two...
BC Extra | Oct 1, 2019
Company News

ElevateBio launches HighPassBio with TCR immunotherapy focus

Less than five months after its launch, ElevateBio has announced a second portfolio company: HighPassBio, which is developing T cell immunotherapies based on research from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. HighPassBio’s lead candidate is...
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