BioCentury | Oct 10, 2017
Distillery Techniques


TECHNOLOGY: Gene profiling A panel of 17 genomic loci could help predict the risk of PD. Genome-wide association studies in a total of 20,084 PD patients and 397,324 healthy volunteers identified associations between the disease...
BioCentury | Oct 4, 2017
Translation in Brief

New Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers: September 2017

New Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers: September 2017 Select top therapeutic targets and biomarkers covered by BioCentury or added to the BCIQ database during September 2017. Therapeutic targets are defined as any protein, gene or other...
BioCentury | Sep 21, 2017
Tools & Techniques

On your marks

With less fanfare than the first two waves, a quiet rise in activity is driving a revival of interest in epigenetics, despite little progress in solving the fundamental challenges that have dogged the field from...
BioCentury | Sep 12, 2017
Preclinical News

Researchers identify 17 new PD risk loci

In a paper published in Nature Genetics , researchers from the Genentech Inc. unit of Roche (SIX:ROG; OTCQX:RHHBY), 23andMe Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.) and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and identified 17...
BioCentury | Jun 9, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Calmodulin; CDC-like kinase 1 (CLK-1); vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 3 (FLT4; VEGFR-3); K(lysine) acetyltransferase 5 (KAT5); acetyl

Infectious disease INDICATION: Chikungunya virus Cell culture and mouse studies identified inhibitors of calmodulin , CLK-1 , FLT4, KAT5 and other host factors that could help treat Chikungunya viral infection. Screening of an siRNA library targeting about...
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