BioCentury | Oct 23, 2020
Product Development

What’s next for targeted protein degradation

As targeted protein degradation grows up, the field is going after harder targets and new mechanisms of action. Over the last year, a series of Phase I/II readouts from front-runner Arvinas Inc. (NASDAQ:ARVN),...
BioCentury | Aug 22, 2020

Enthusiasm for protein degradation, preclinical IPOs gives Kymera first-day pop

Kymera’s upsized IPO and 66% gain underscore investors’ continuing appetite for both protein degradation companies and preclinical plays. The offering comes as key milestones approach for protein degradation...
BioCentury | Aug 4, 2020

Interest in protein degradation runs hot as Kymera files for IPO

Atlas-backed Kymera has at least one comparator among preclinical protein degradation companies as it seeks a NASDAQ listing -- and it could soon be followed by another company in the same category. A regulatory filing...
BioCentury | Jul 10, 2020

Data Bytes: Kymera-Sanofi deal is latest sign targeted degradation is growing up

Kymera and Sanofi’s deal brings the targeted protein degradation space its largest disclosed upfront and most advanced partnered asset to date. The companies announced Thursday that Sanofi (Euronext:SAN; NASDAQ:SNY) will pay Kymera Therapeutics Inc. $150...
BioCentury | Mar 12, 2020
Product Development

Targeted degradation gets another bump with Kymera’s $102M raise

It’s a big year for targeted protein degraders, and Kymera is adding to the momentum with a $102 million series C round that should bring its first three programs into the clinic. Biotechnology Value Fund...
BioCentury | Nov 14, 2019
Emerging Company Profile

Cedilla: degrading proteins by modulating protein stability

While most protein degradation companies are developing bifunctional molecules that directly induce ubiquitin-mediated degradation, Cedilla is taking a different approach with monovalent small molecules that trigger a broader range of degradation mechanisms. “The concept of...
BioCentury | Oct 23, 2019
Clinical News

Arvinas clears key hurdle, showing PROTACs orally bioavailable in clinic

Putting to rest concerns regarding oral bioavailability, Arvinas showed that its first two proteolysis-targeting chimeras achieved serum levels predicted to be efficacious. Wednesday’s presentation of Phase I data of ARV-110 for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer...
BioCentury | Oct 17, 2019
Product Development

Horizon 2020’s successor aims for improved uptake of innovation

The European Commission is in the midst of creating Horizon Europe, the successor to Horizon 2020, and this time around it aims to do more to ensure technologies created through the program are advanced by...
BioCentury | Jul 3, 2019
Emerging Company Profile

Kymera: a systematic approach to protein degradation

With a computational drug discovery platform and a proprietary library of E3 ligases and binders, Kymera believes it can accelerate the discovery and development of protein degraders. Protein degradation is entering the mainstream as a...
BioCentury | Apr 11, 2019
Emerging Company Profile

Nurix: Two sides of protein degradation

Nurix is flipping the concept of targeted protein degradation on its head. In addition to the usual approach of inducing target destruction, the company has technology that can block E3 ligase activity and increase a...
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