BioCentury | Jun 29, 2018
Financial News

I-Mab continues trend of large Chinese-led venture rounds

I-Mab Biopharma (Shanghai, China) raised $220 million Friday in a series C round led by Hony Capital, making it at least the fourth $200 million-plus VC round led by Chinese investors in the past two...
BioCentury | Aug 9, 2017
Distillery Techniques

Drug properties

TECHNOLOGY: Physicochemical properties Formulations based on combinations of amino acids, sugars and emulsifiers could enable long-term, low-viscosity storage of high-concentration antibodies. Formulations of low (50 mg/mL), high (150 mg/mL) and ultra-high (175 mg/mL) concentrations of...
BioCentury | Dec 15, 2014

Pollen for Anergis

By topping off its series B financing, Anergis S.A. hopes to make its short-term birch pollen allergy vaccine into a long-term winner. The additional CHF14.5 million ($15 million) in funding brings the series B total...
BioCentury | Apr 4, 2011

Nothing to Sneeze at

Nothing to sneeze at Classic allergy desensitization techniques using a whole allergen require three to five years of treatment, during which patients often experience mild allergic reactions. Anergis S.A. believes its desensitization technology can work...
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