BioCentury | Nov 24, 2020

OncoImmune's choice to repurpose GvHD program for COVID pays off via $425M takeout by Merck

OncoImmune’s move to repurpose its GvHD program for COVID-19 has paid off via a takeout by Merck for $425 million up front. Under the deal, which includes undisclosed milestones and royalties, Merck & Co. Inc....
BioCentury | Nov 14, 2020
Product Development

ASH 2020 snapshot: efficacy data in hot emerging areas

This year’s ASH meeting provides an opportunity to take stock of clinical progress in hot target, modality and disease areas: CD47 inhibitors, allogeneic CAR T cells and sickle cell disease. Abstracts...
BioCentury | Nov 13, 2020
Translation in Brief

Roche and Immune-Onc mAb data; plus Capricor’s exosome-based COVID-19 vaccine induces cellular immunity, and more

Roche’s mAb depletes regulatory T cellsRoche (SIX:ROG; OTCQX:RHHBY) and University College London scientists reported in Nature Cancer that the anti-CD25 mAb RG6292, which is in a Phase I trial in advanced...
BioCentury | Nov 11, 2020

Previewing CD47 efficacy data at SITC & ASH: Data Byte

Abstracts at SITC and ASH are providing more data points on the efficacy of CD47 inhibitors, and the evidence suggests the target may hold promise in solid as well as liquid tumors. Known as a...
BioCentury | Nov 7, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

IgGenix: antibody engineering for food allergies

IgGenix is pairing single-cell sequencing with antibody engineering to create a new class of food allergy therapies that selectively suppresses allergen-triggered immunity while sidestepping the risky steps of desensitizing immunotherapy.  The company launched in August with...
BioCentury | Sep 5, 2020

Deal with AbbVie, PIPE triples I-Mab’s cash, positions biotech to be among China’s CD47 leaders

Immuno-oncology company I-Mab nearly tripled its cash position on Friday, adding more than $600 million to its coffers through a CD47 licensing deal with AbbVie and a PIPE financing led by Hillhouse Capital. The deal...
BioCentury | Aug 28, 2020

BARDA enlisting start-ups in fight against COVID-19 via JLABS collaboration

A collaboration between JLABS and BARDA gives the government agency access to start-ups that it needs to fast track new, innovative COVID-19 therapies and diagnostics it otherwise would struggle...
BioCentury | Aug 21, 2020
Product Development

Infectious disease society guidelines start clarifying use cases for COVID-19 serology

Guidelines released Thursday by the Infectious Diseases Society of America are beginning to spell out which questions serological tests can answer, and which are still out of reach. Many hoped serological tests, which indicate past...
BioCentury | Aug 19, 2020

Momenta’s shift to innovative pipeline pays off with $6.5B J&J takeout

Momenta’s 2018 decision to reorganize its business around its innovative pipeline was the critical step that positioned the biotech for its $6.5 billion takeout by J&J, announced Wednesday. The company had deprioritized its complex generics...
BioCentury | Aug 15, 2020
Product Development

Celltrion launches antigen and serology COVID-19 tests in the U.S., Verily adds capacity with CLIA lab and more

COVID-19 diagnostic developments this week include the addition of two types of COVID-19 rapid test kits by Celltrion and Verily’s move to boost capacity with a new CLIA lab in South San Francisco. ...
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