BioCentury | Mar 20, 2020
Translation in Brief

Vaxxas' temperature-stable, low-dose vaccine patch; plus Stanford screen for 3-D tumor targets, new invasion mechanism for SARS-CoV-2 and PharmaMar

...will go toward initial human studies for measles and rubella virus vaccination. Spheroid screen uncovers CPD...
...3-D spheroids than in 2-D monolayers. Described in Nature , the screen identified the metallocarboxypeptidase CPD...
...patent applications on methods for reducing tumor growth by inhibiting CPD, and methods for identifying CPD...
BioCentury | May 30, 2016
Clinical News

Arzerra ofatumumab: Interim Phase III data

Interim data from the open-label, international Phase III HOMER trial in 409 patients with Rituxan rituximab-sensitive indolent B cell NHL who relapsed >=6 months after completing treatment with a Rituxan-containing regimen showed that 1,000 mg...
BioCentury | Mar 3, 2016
Targets & Mechanisms

Rescue mission

A pair of preclinical studies published last month on the autism target SHANK3 provide what might be the most meaningful progress for patients since the gene was linked with the disease over a decade ago....
BioCentury | Jan 21, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Homer scaffolding protein 3 (HOMER3)

Neurology INDICATION: Ataxia Mouse studies suggest promoting HOMER3 expression could help treat spinocerebellar ataxia type 1. Levels of HOMER3 were lower in dendrites and spines of Purkinje cells from a genetic mouse model of spinocerebellar...
BioCentury | May 12, 2014
Company News

Forest Laboratories, Deloitte, Intermountain Healthcare deal

Forest, Intermountain and ConvergeHEALTH, a business unit of Deloitte's Deloitte Consulting LLP subsidiary, will collaborate to conduct outcomes research using ConvergeHEALTH's OutcomesMinor analytics solution. The deal will initially investigate and analyze treatment outcomes for respiratory...
BioCentury | Oct 3, 2011
Company News

Novo Nordisk, Sun Pharmaceutical endocrine/metabolic news

...a suit alleging the ANDA for generic Prandin repaglinide from Sun's Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd. (NYSE-A:CPD...
BioCentury | Sep 1, 2011
Targets & Mechanisms

Difficile defense

...conformational changes ( I [ b ]). This triggers autoproteolysis through the cysteine protease domain (CPD...
...the nitric oxide (NO) donor S -nitrosoglutathione (GSNO), the unprocessed toxins are nitrosylated at the CPD...
BioCentury | Jul 4, 2011
Company News

Novo Nordisk, Sun Pharmaceutical endocrine news

...patent information that FDA had recently required NDA holders submit. Sun's Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd. (NYSE-A:CPD...
BioCentury | May 9, 2011
Company News

Novo Nordisk, Sun Pharmaceutical endocrine news

...suit in 2005 alleging the ANDA for generic Prandin from Sun's Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd. (NYSE-A:CPD...
BioCentury | Mar 22, 2010
Product Development

Spies plot revolution

The I-SPY 2 trial, launched last week, is intended to both speed development of compounds for locally advanced breast cancer and to serve as a model for integrating biomarkers, adaptive trial designs, and bioinformatics to...
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