BioCentury | Sep 9, 2020
Product Development

BMS’s Hirawat says health equity should be on all biopharmas’ agendas: a BioCentury audio interview

BMS CMO Samit Hirawat believes that all biopharmas can, and should, contribute to eliminating racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in health outcomes. The responsibility, he says, extends from working with minority communities directly to holding...
BioCentury | Sep 9, 2020
Product Development

Roche’s Anderson wants industry to keep its foot on the gas for infectious disease, post-pandemic: a BioCentury audio interview

There will be no turning back to business as usual for drug developers and regulators after COVID-19, according to Bill Anderson, CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals. But while he’s optimistic about speeding up timelines and changing...
BioCentury | Jul 10, 2020
Product Development

IQVia’s Dreyer on how real-world data are poised to break new ground

Real-world data isn’t just about post-market analysis of new drugs and vaccines. With the pandemic putting the benefits on display, epidemiologists are finding new ways to use the data, and new data sources, to support...
BioCentury | May 9, 2020

The Roche-Arrakis deal in their own words

The April deal between Arrakis and Roche started with dinner in Basel and closed over Zoom. In a podcast conversation with BioCentury, the architects of the deal, James Sabry and Michael Gilman, describe how the...
BioCentury | Mar 3, 2016
Translation in Brief

Notching up differences

...signaling pathway. The team proposed a model in which Notch 4 activates the transcription factors Hes related family bHLH transcription factor with YRPW motif 1 (HEY1)...
BioCentury | Oct 26, 2015
Politics, Policy & Law

Freeing speech

FDA and the Department of Justice will try this week to contain the damage from two pending lawsuits that threaten to undermine the legal doctrine FDA has applied for decades to prevent off-label promotion, and...
BioCentury | Nov 25, 2013
Emerging Company Profile

Alzheon: Once more, with APOE4

Alzheon Inc. is the latest company to take a stab at treating Alzheimer's disease with a small molecule inhibitor of beta amyloid aggregation. The company has an improved version of a previously unsuccessful compound and...
BioCentury | Jun 24, 2013

Exact restitution

Exact restitution Exact Sciences Corp. (NASDAQ:EXAS) took advantage of a rebound in its stock to raise $67.9 million last week, its second follow-on of more than $50 million in less than a year. Exact sold...
BioCentury | Feb 20, 2012

Biogen buys back in

Biogen Idec Inc. is buying Stromedix Inc. to re-acquire the anti-fibrotic mAb it cast off five years ago. The big biotech thinks the time is ripe because FDA has clarified a regulatory path in idiopathic...
BioCentury | Oct 21, 2010
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Neurology

Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Neurology Alzheimer's disease (AD) b-Site APP-cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1); nicotinic acetylcholine receptor a7 (CHRNA7) Studies in mouse tissue culture suggest that activating CHRNA7 could help attenuate...
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