BioCentury | Mar 28, 2020
Translation in Brief

17 FDA-approved drugs show activity against SARS-CoV-2; two groups seek COVID-19 patient-derived mAbs; plus NYU, Scholar Rock and LIfT-King's College

...antitumor neutrophils LIfT BioSciences Ltd. partnered with King's College London, via the London Advanced Therapies (LAT...
BioCentury | Jan 29, 2020
Company News

Decibel narrows discovery focus to inner ear regeneration, taps Reid as CEO

Under the leadership of incoming CEO Laurence Reid, hearing loss company Decibel is starting its next chapter in drug discovery with a narrowed focus on inner ear cell regeneration and programs in balance disorders. Reid...
BioCentury | Apr 22, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

Inhibiting the LLGL2-SLC7A5-YKT6 complex for breast cancer

DISEASE CATEGORY: Cancer INDICATION: Breast cancer Patient sample, cell culture and mouse studies suggest inhibiting the LLGL2-SLC7A5-YKT6 leucine transporter complex could help treat breast cancer. In patients with estrogen receptor- and progesterone receptor-positive breast cancer,...
BioCentury | Apr 5, 2019
Targets & Mechanisms

Breaking up Hippo to tame proliferation

Drug developers are creating a new class of compounds that disrupt a protein-protein interaction in the Hippo pathway that goes awry in cancers and fibrotic diseases. At least two programs are poised to enter the...
BioCentury | Jun 2, 2018
Product Development

Breaking from the herd

Behind the block of clinical studies on PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors, researchers are casting aside their herd mentality with a wide net of strategies to solve some of the most pressing problems in oncology, such...
BioCentury | Jan 17, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Neuroendocrine tumors; lymphoma Cell culture and mouse studies suggest inhibiting SLC7A5 or SLC43A1 could help treat MYC-driven neuroblastoma and Burkitt’s lymphoma. In MYC-driven human neuroblastoma and Burkitt’s lymphoma cell lines, shRNA targeting SLC7A5 or...
BioCentury | Nov 16, 2017
Emerging Company Profile

YAP off, YAP on

Vivace Therapeutics Inc. exploits opposite angles of the Hippo-YAP pathway, with first-in-class inhibitors that turn it off in cancers with activating mutations and activators that turn it on to enhance tumor immunogenicity in other cancers....
BioCentury | Sep 14, 2017
Targets & Mechanisms

Platelets YAP at cancer

While elevated platelet levels often signify an underlying malignancy, the molecular mechanisms linking the two are not well understood. Now, a team from MD Anderson has shown a well-known, but barely exploited signaling pathway mediates...
BioCentury | Aug 3, 2017
Translation in Brief

New Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers: July 2017

New Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers: July 2017 Select top therapeutic targets and biomarkers covered by BioCentury or added to the BCIQ database during July 2017. Therapeutic targets are defined as any protein, gene or other...
BioCentury | Jul 5, 2017

Cross-border cachet

Vivace Therapeutics Inc. ’s investors are hoping to leverage the management team’s experience running a U.S.-China cancer company, but this time the goal is to retain more value by advancing the programs into the clinic....
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