BioCentury | Mar 11, 2021
Emerging Company Profile

Ventyx emerges with $114M to bring asset-centric immunology plays under one umbrella

Ventyx is the second start-up in the past month to bundle asset-centric companies under one umbrella with an eye towards advancing each program faster than the originator companies could have had they...
BioCentury | Jan 5, 2021

Immuneering, Terns, Ikena raise crossover rounds as IPO queue stands to grow again

With crossover investors lining up to participate, biotechs Immuneering, Terns and Ikena each raised rounds that could augur upcoming public offerings. The deals come as a host of biotechs will likely...
BioCentury | Jan 1, 2021
Targets & Mechanisms

A snapshot of target innovation in 2020

Preclinical publications highlighted in BioCentury’s Distillery this year identified white space target opportunities including untapped E3 ubiquitin ligases, vesicular regulators and ion channels, as...
BioCentury | Dec 31, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

ERR-α identified as target in diabetic and hypertensive kidney disease

DISEASE CATEGORY: Renal INDICATION: Renal damage Promoting expression of the nuclear receptor ERR-α could treat kidney disease associated with diabetes and hypertension. Levels of ERR-α mRNA  were lower in microdissected human kidney samples samples from patients...
BioCentury | Dec 11, 2020
Management Tracks

Founding Intercept CEO Pruzanski prepares to hand over the reins

For the first time in its nearly 20-year history, Intercept will ring in the New Year with a new face in the corner office. After guiding Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ICPT) through its launch in the...
BioCentury | Nov 30, 2020
Management Tracks

New CMO and Takeda alum Palmer adds to Ascletis’ push into NASH

Ascletis is looking to Takeda veteran Melissa Palmer to move its pipeline of in-licensed and homegrown NASH programs forward. Ascletis Pharma Inc. (HKEX:1672) announced Monday that Palmer, the former head of liver disease clinical development at...
BioCentury | Oct 28, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Targeting the NMDA receptor-TRPM4 complex for neurodegeneration

...μM.  Immunoprecipitation assays revealed the compound disrupted TRPM4 binding to NMDA receptor subunits GRIN2A and GRIN2B...
...potential cation channel subfamily M member 4 (TRPM4); NMDA receptor NR2A subtype (GRIN2A; NR2A); NMDA receptor NR2B subtype (GRIN2B; NR2B; GluN2B)EXPERIMENTAL... Oct. 9, 2020doi:10.1126/science.aay3302CONTACT: Hilmar Bading, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germanyemail: Claire Quang Heidelberg University NMDA receptor NMDA receptor NR2A subtype (GRIN2A) (NR2A) NMDA receptor NR2B subtype (GRIN2B) (NR2B) (GluN2B) Transient...
BioCentury | Aug 28, 2020
Product Development

Data Bytes: NASH pipeline still full despite high-profile setbacks

NASH is still any company’s game after two of the most advanced candidates experienced setbacks this year, and both the programs have candidates behind them in their classes: FXR inhibitors and PPAR ɑ/ƍ agonists. In...
BioCentury | Jul 1, 2020
Product Development

Histology data builds on growing confidence around Akero’s NASH candidate

Akero’s biopsy data is the positive news the NASH field needed after FDA declined to approve what would have been the first drug for the indication earlier this week. Akero Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:AKRO) rose $8.45...
BioCentury | Jun 29, 2020

Intercept: Surrogate endpoint not enough for FDA to approve NASH therapy

Intercept believes FDA’s “evolving” thinking on efficacy endpoints for NASH therapies led to the complete response letter for Ocaliva that destroyed about two-fifths of the company’s market value on Monday. The company said FDA declined...
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