BioCentury | Aug 29, 2020
Product Development

Next-wave Th1 cytokine cancer therapies aim for more precise targeting

A growing list of cytokine therapies have been designed to boost cytotoxic immune responses against cancer while sidestepping the limitations of past candidates by controlling where the molecules do and...
BioCentury | Jan 31, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

FERMT2 identified as target in renal fibrosis

...fibrosis, heterozygous knockout of FERMT2 or an siRNA against FERMT2 reduced levels of ACTA2 and FN1... member 2 (FERMT2; KIND2); actin α 2 smooth aorta muscle (ACTA2; α-SMA); fibronectin 1 (FN1; FN...
BioCentury | Jan 9, 2020
Company News

Deals with Empirico and Aro to help Ionis bring new targets, tissues to early-stage pipeline

Ionis is turning to two young biotechs to build off the success of its antisense oligonucleotides and expand the reach of its platform. The company announced a pair of deals with Empirico and Aro on...
BioCentury | Dec 20, 2019
Product Development

Pharma spinouts: a snapshot of where and how pharmas spin out their assets

The handoff of innovation to academia is all but complete, with universities and other academic institutions accounting for the origin of about 75% of new companies formed in the last three years. But while pharma...
BioCentury | Nov 22, 2019

Dopamine receptor agonism for pulmonary fibrosis, liver fibrosis

DISEASE CATEGORY: Pulmonary; hepatic INDICATION: Pulmonary fibrosis; liver fibrosis Agonism of the dopamine receptor DRD1 could treat pulmonary and liver fibrosis. In cultures of lung fibroblasts derived from patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a...
BioCentury | Jul 26, 2019
Distillery Techniques

Microfluidic organ-on-a-chip model for drug delivery across the BBB

TECHNIQUES CATEGORY: Disease models TECHNOLOGY: Cell models A team led by the scientific founder of organ-on-chip play Emulate Inc. developed a microfluidic chip model of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) that could be used to test...
BioCentury | May 30, 2019
Emerging Company Profile

Aro delivers bispecifics, siRNAs where others can’t

A year after its launch, Susan Dillon and Karyn O’Neil’s Aro has begun to reveal details about how the J&J spinout’s Centyrins could form small bispecifics and stable siRNA therapies to penetrate hard-to-reach cancers. Therapies...
BioCentury | May 14, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

TRPC6 inhibitor for cardiac and renal fibrosis

...markers of reactive fibrosis, including collagen type I α 2 (COL1A2), COL3A2 and fibronectin 1 (FN1; FN...
BioCentury | May 13, 2019
Financial News

Philogen bypasses VCs, taps Italian syndicate for €62M to fuel late stage cancer programs

With €62 million ($69.6 million) in series A cash to carry its two late-stage candidates through clinical development, Philogen will soon have to decide whether to rely on additional deals to find commercialization partners, or...
BioCentury | May 6, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

CAR Ts targeting PD-L1, FnEDB for three solid tumor types

DISEASE CATEGORY: Cancer INDICATION: Cervical cancer; colorectal cancer; melanoma Cell culture and mouse studies suggest CAR T cells targeting PD-L1 or FnEDB could help treat cervical cancer, colorectal cancer and melanoma. In a mouse-cell based...
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