BC Extra | May 24, 2019
Politics & Policy

Brexit hard-liner, biotech booster Johnson early favorite for U.K. PM

Boris Johnson, the early front-runner for replacing Theresa May as U.K. Prime Minister, is at odds with the biopharma industry on Brexit. He also has a history of strong support for government investment in British...
BC Week In Review | Sep 19, 2016
Company News

Roche sales and marketing update

The U.K.’s NICE issued draft guidance recommending against the use of Gazyvaro obinutuzumab from Roche in combination with Treanda bendamustine followed by Gazyvaro maintenance therapy to treat follicular lymphoma that did not respond or progressed...
BC Innovations | Jan 14, 2016
Distillery Techniques

Techniques: siRNA modifications to the non-coding terminal regions to enhance potency

Drug platforms TECHNOLOGY: Nucleic acids Modifications to the non-targeting regions of siRNAs could enhance the potency of target knockdown by therapeutic siRNAs. In a human chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cell line, an siRNA targeting the...
BC Week In Review | May 11, 2015
Clinical News

rAAV 2/2: Phase I/II data

Researchers at the university and colleagues reported data from an open-label, U.K. Phase I/II trial in 12 patients with LCA showing that a subretinal injection of rAAV 2/2.hRPE65p.hRPE65 led to improvements in retinal sensitivity in...
BC Innovations | May 8, 2014
Cover Story

BETting on OncoFusion

Medivation Inc. has licensed a portfolio of BET bromodomain inhibitors that could have better efficacy than the company's castration-resistant prostate cancer drug Xtandi enzalutamide and could provide the biotech with a new way to disrupt...
BC Innovations | Apr 3, 2014
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Cancer

Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Cancer Prostate cancer Ubiquitin specific peptidase 9 X-linked (USP9X; FAF); v-ets erythroblastosis virus E26 oncogene homolog (ERG) In vitro, human tissue and mouse studies suggest inhibiting...
BioCentury | Mar 17, 2014

Slippery slope

The U.K.'s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is breaking new ground by seeking to link the price of Soliris eculizumab to Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. 's R&D investment in the Orphan drug; the question...
BC Innovations | Aug 1, 2013
Distillery Techniques

Technology: Disease models

This week in techniques Approach Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Disease models Mouse model for prostate cancer driven by v-ets erythroblastosis virus E26 oncogene homolog (ERG) translocations Mice with prostate-specific Erg expression could...
BioCentury | Jun 3, 2013

Tracking PDUFA in real time

FDA , PhRMA and BIO spent months crafting a new, "enhanced" review process for new molecular entities as part of PDUFA V negotiations, and the trade associations don't want to wait years to find out if...
BC Innovations | Nov 29, 2012
Distillery Techniques

Technology: Drug platforms

Approach Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Drug platforms Inducing vascular endothelial cells from amniotic stem cells Cell culture and mouse studies identified methods to reprogram amniotic cells into vascular endothelial cells. In human...
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