BioCentury | Dec 13, 2012
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Cancer

...EPN1 and EPN2 could help treat cancer. In mouse models of cancer, conditional knockout of Epn1...
BioCentury | Aug 1, 1994
Clinical News

COD test data

The Wellesley, Mass., company announced results of retrospective trials of its COD test for detecting the human carcinoma antigen in blood serum in 273 samples. The test recognized progression or recurrence of breast cancer one...
BioCentury | Apr 11, 1994
Clinical News

COD ELISA: Began a retrospective trial

Epigen Inc. (EPN), Wellesley, Mass. Product: COD ELISA test to detect human carcinoma antigen, a marker on the cell surface of all epithelial-derived cancers Indication: Monitor breast cancer Status: Began a retrospective trial with serum...
BioCentury | Mar 28, 1994
Clinical News

COD Test: To begin clinical trials in April

Epigen Inc. (EPN), Wellesley, Mass. Product: COD Test, in vitro blood test to measure HCA antigen Indication: Determine if breast cancer is being treated successfully and test for reccurence during remission Status: To begin clinical...
BioCentury | Aug 2, 1993
Company News

Epigen Inc. sales and marketing update

Epigen Inc. (EPN) EPN said it expects to begin selling in the fourth quarter a staining test that uses an HCA ( mucin glycoprotein) monoclonal antibody to differentiate benign from malignant prostate cancer. EPN said HCA...
BioCentury | Jan 25, 1993

Antibody companies

Antibody companies Company Ticker $Close 12/91 $Close 12/92 Chg in 1992 $Close 1/15/93 $Close 1/22/93 Chg in week Alkermes ALKS 18.000 8.500 -53% 10.250 9.750 -5% Am Biogenetic Sci MABXA 7.875 5.500 -30% 7.000 5.875...
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