BioCentury | Jun 26, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

MAP3K7, IL18R1 as targets in obesity-related cerebrovascular dysfunction

DISEASE CATEGORY: Endocrine/metabolic; neurology INDICATION: Obesity; stroke Inhibiting MAP3K7 or the IL-18 receptor subunit IL18R1 could treat obesity-associated cerebrovascular dysfunction. In cultured rat aortic endothelial cells, an siRNA against IL18R1 increased levels of phosphorylated NOS3,...
BioCentury | Nov 30, 2018
Targets & Mechanisms

Adhesion targets emerge at ASH 2018

The next wave of targets in blood cancers and hematology will come from adhesion molecules, innate immune cells and regulators of gene expression, according to BioCentury’s analysis of emerging targets at ASH 2018. BioCentury’s analysis...
BioCentury | Oct 11, 2018
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Hypertension Patient sample, cell culture, mouse and rat studies suggest inhibiting ENO1 could help treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) associated with other conditions. In pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell samples from patients with PAH...
BioCentury | Apr 17, 2018
Distillery Techniques


...cell therapies, expression levels of a panel of 13 glycolysis genes, including aldolase A (ALDOA), enolase 2 (ENO2)...
...Peng, same affiliation as above email: Sandi Wong University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Aldolase A (ALDOA) Enolase 2 (ENO2) Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate...
BioCentury | Apr 13, 2018
Targets & Mechanisms

Meeting the burden

...mRNA processing mRNA processing CSTF2 CSTF2T CSTF2T-deficient lung cancer and melanoma 4449 Metabolism Metabolism ENO1 ENO2...
BioCentury | Jan 19, 2018
Company News

BioNTech, Scancell to discover TCR therapies for cancer

BioNTech AG (Mainz, Germany) and Scancell Holdings plc (LSE:SCLP; FSE:SCP) partnered to identify and develop T cell receptor (TCR) therapies to treat cancer. The partners plan to identify TCRs specific for citrullinated epitopes from vimentin...
BioCentury | Dec 22, 2016
Targets & Mechanisms

Opportunity Knocks

Despite its continued emphasis on tapping external innovation for new opportunities, industry is still leaving on the table scores of unexploited drug targets identified at universities, according to an analysis of BioCentury’s BCIQ: BioCentury Online...
BioCentury | Jun 23, 2016
Distillery Therapeutics

Therapeutics: Endothelial cell nitric oxide synthase 3 (NOS3; eNOS)

Genitourinary disease INDICATION: Genitourinary Patient sample and mouse studies suggest promoting NOS3 activity with Viagra sildenafil could help prevent preeclampsia. In patient placental tissue samples or vascular endothelium from a mouse model of preeclampsia, markers...
BioCentury | Feb 25, 2016
Product R&D

Ironwood's brainy idea

Selina Koch, Staff Writer Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc. is pushing the scope of what its soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) platform can do, with a new preclinical program to make brain-penetrating compounds that could move the company...
BioCentury | Jun 18, 2015
Translation in Brief

Peptide guide to colon cancer

A group in Taiwan has identified a series of peptides that bind with high specificity to enolase 1 α ( ENO1 ) on colorectal cancer (CRC) cells, and could improve tumor targeting of standard chemotherapies. Conjugation of...
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