BioCentury | Oct 6, 2020
Product Development

Reversing the impact of COVID-19 on oncology clinical trials

...enable a “virtual” or decentralized clinical trial (DCT...
BioCentury | Jul 11, 2020
Translation in Brief

Peptide blocker of myeloid checkpoint; plus a magnet-based device to collect circulating tumor cells, severe vs. mild COVID-19 immune cell profiles and more

Macrocyclic don’t-eat-me signal blocker A Japan-based team has reported in Cell Chemical Biology the development of a macrocyclic peptide that allosterically blocks the CD47-SIRPA myeloid checkpoint. The 15-residue peptide binds mouse SIRPA, and in a...
BioCentury | Apr 3, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

The bacterial adhesion protein fimH as a cancer immunotherapy adjuvant

...reduced tumor growth. In mice with colorectal cancer or melanoma expressing the self-antigens AH1A5 or DCT...
...tumor-infiltrating cytotoxic T lymphocytes producing pro-inflammatory cytokines. TARGET/MARKER/PATHWAY: Bacterial fimbrial adhesin (fimH); dopachrome tautomerase (DCT; TRP-2; TYRP2...
BioCentury | Apr 17, 2019
Emerging Company Profile

Nocion: Targeting pain neurons and nothing else

With a $27 million series A co-led by Canaan and F-Prime Capital announced Wednesday, Nocion thinks it could replace opioids in a range of tissue-localized indications, starting with cough. The company is aiming to minimize...
BioCentury | Jan 23, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Melanoma; colorectal cancer In silico and mouse studies identified a synthetic protein agonist of IL2RB and IL2RG that could help treat melanoma and colorectal cancer with less toxicity than IL-2. Computational modeling of interactions...
BioCentury | Jan 11, 2019
Preclinical News

UW team builds protein that avoids IL-2 toxicities, forms Neoleukin to develop

University of Washington researchers published a Nature paper Wednesday detailing the construction of a synthetic protein that selectively binds to IL-2 to avoid toxicities that have previously overshadowed interest in the receptor as a therapeutic...
BioCentury | Apr 26, 2018
Targets & Mechanisms

Raising metabolism

In the wake of the failure of ECHO-301, drug developers are asking whether the trial design or the target is at fault. But while the value of IDO1 as a target is still in doubt,...
BioCentury | Feb 28, 2018
Distillery Techniques


TECHNOLOGY: Plasma markers Detection of a panel of circulating tumor cell (CTC)-derived RNA transcripts in blood could help predict survival and disease progression in metastatic melanoma patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors. The method scores blood...
BioCentury | Jan 12, 2018
Translation in Brief

In the twenties

A Cancer Cell study from University of Southampton and Celldex Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:CLDX) researchers suggests combining CD27 agonists with tumor-targeting mAbs could help myeloid cells attack a broad array of cancers. The partners are testing...
BioCentury | Oct 10, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics


INDICATION: Melanoma Patient sample, cell culture and mouse studies suggest blocking the interaction of miR-16 and TYRP1 mRNA could help treat melanoma. In melanoma patients, the absence of the low-expressing TYRP1-A allele in tumors was...
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