BC Innovations | May 8, 2019
Translation in Brief

New Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers: April 2019

New Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers: April 2019 Select top therapeutic targets and biomarkers covered by BioCentury or added to the BCIQ database during April. Therapeutic targets are defined as any protein, gene or other molecule...
BC Innovations | Apr 22, 2019
Translation in Brief

Oncogenic gene fusions can create neoantigens

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center researchers have identified gene fusions as a source of cancer neoantigens that could be targeted by immunotherapy. As companies develop immunotherapies against neoantigens, research is increasingly looking beyond point mutations...
BC Innovations | Mar 15, 2017
Distillery Therapeutics

Autoimmune disease

INDICATION: Arthritis Patient sample and mouse studies suggest inhibiting DEK could help treat arthritis. In juvenile idiopathic arthritis patient samples, levels of DEK in neutrophils isolated from synovial fluid were higher than in neutrophils from...
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