BioCentury | Mar 9, 2021
Product Development

AnaptysBio looks ahead to other indications after Phase II miss in palmoplantar pustulosis

Following a Phase II miss for imsidolimab to treat palmoplantar pustulosis, AnaptysBio will look ahead to five other indications for the IL-36R antagonist. The company plans to bring imsidolimab (ANB019) into Phase III testing mid-year for generalized...
BioCentury | Mar 9, 2021
Product Development

Palmoplantar pustulosis pipeline: Data Byte

AnaptysBio’s Phase II miss for palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP) may indicate that overactive IL-36 signaling is not the dominant driver of the disease. The news could be a warning for Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, which has spesolimab (BI...
BioCentury | Oct 16, 2020
Product Development

Recent Phase III disappointment aside, the heart failure pipeline holds plenty to look forward to

The most recent Phase III data from a heart failure candidate may have been underwhelming, but a look at the broader pipeline suggests the long period of drought in innovation could soon give way to...
BioCentury | Aug 27, 2020
Distillery Therapeutics

Targeting the PP2A-STRN3 interaction to treat gastric cancer

DISEASE CATEGORY: Cancer INDICATION: Gastric cancer Interrupting the interaction between PP2A catalytic subunit PPP2CA and STRN3, a regulatory subunit, could treat gastric cancer. In patients, STRN3 expression...
BioCentury | Jun 5, 2020
Product Development

Emergent playing key role in manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines via PPP set up for flu

If and when Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19, they might take a moment to thank another virus, H1N1 influenza. The country’s poor response to an H1N1 outbreak in 2009, including vaccine delays and shortages caused...
BioCentury | May 8, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

Partnership offers hope for COVID drug development

As the world eyes a return to post-COVID crisis “normalcy,” a robust global recovery will depend on effective treatments and ultimately a vaccine. Yes, more than 400 research and clinical programs are already under way,...
BioCentury | Apr 7, 2020
Politics & Policy

Path emerges for VC-backed biotechs to access paycheck protection loans

Lawyers have identified workarounds that allow venture-backed biotechs to comply with Small Business Administration affiliation rules to access an emergency forgivable loan program for small businesses created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security...
BioCentury | Apr 2, 2020
Politics, Policy & Law

VC-backed biotechs may be excluded from coronavirus loan program

Venture-backed companies may be shut out of an emergency forgivable loan program for small businesses created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act unless the Trump administration takes urgent action to modify...
BioCentury | Feb 8, 2020
Tools & Techniques

Beyond PROTACs and the proteasome: broadening the TAC toolbox

The idea of sending disease-driving proteins to the cell’s garbage can is only the first act in a field that now centers around targeted degradation. In the sequel, researchers are extending the principle to other...
BioCentury | Jan 3, 2019
Distillery Therapeutics

Autoimmune disease

INDICATION: Multiple sclerosis (MS) Mouse studies suggest inhibiting PP2A could help treat MS. In the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) mouse model of MS, T cell-specific knockout of PP2A or the terpenoid toxin cantharidin, which inhibits...
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