BioCentury | Oct 27, 2020
Product Development

Mirati impresses with KRAS inhibitor response rates, potential biomarker

...the tumor microenvironment.“KRAS may suppress immunity through suppression of antigen presentation as well as a cytokine...
BioCentury | Oct 23, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Be Bio: bringing the B to cell therapy

...cells have a short life span and proliferate in vivo, potentially leading to neurotoxicity and cytokine...
BioCentury | Oct 22, 2020
Product Development

CRISPR’s data hint allogeneic CAR Ts may have the efficacy and safety issues of autologous therapies

...HHV reactivation and immunodeficiency led to HHV encephalitis “and potentially ICANS.”ICANS, like the immune-related adverse event cytokine...
BioCentury | Oct 16, 2020
Product Development

Recent Phase III disappointment aside, the heart failure pipeline holds plenty to look forward to

...—a cytosolic protein complex that induces cytokine...
BioCentury | Oct 15, 2020

Larger stakes, more newcos as Canaan moves to bump up biopharma investments with new $800M fund

...develop intracellular sodium channel blockers, and synthetic cytokine...
BioCentury | Oct 9, 2020
Translation in Brief

Philogen immunocytokine for glioma; plus Nordic's radiotherapy, Beth Israel Deaconness, Molecular Partners and Alpine

Philogen immunocytokine for brain cancerUniversity of Zurich and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) scientists reported data from the first three patients with grade III/IV glioblastoma in a Phase I/II trial of Philogen S.p.A.’s Fibromun (L19-TNF)...
BioCentury | Oct 2, 2020

Oct. 1 Quick Takes: Setback at FDA for Mesoblast; plus AMAG, Solid, COVID updates from Gilead, AZ and more

...Inc. emergency use authorization for its Access IL-6 immunoassay to detect elevated levels of the cytokine...
BioCentury | Sep 24, 2020

Data Bytes: record fund for Longitude follows rush of deals, IPOs

...has already made seven investments out of the fund, including in T cell engager and cytokine...
BioCentury | Sep 18, 2020
Product Development

Genentech finds right endpoint to show IL-6 benefit in COVID-19

...placebo plus standard of care in patients with COVID-19 associated pneumonia (p=0.0348). Late-stage COVID-19 patients exhibit cytokine...
BioCentury | Sep 18, 2020
Emerging Company Profile

Synthekine launches with $82M to create new cytokine signals

...Stanford synthetic cytokine pioneer K. Chris Garcia into a broad platform that could generate therapeutic cytokine...
...a “medicinal chemistry” approach that uses his lab’s extensive work on the structural biology of cytokine-receptor...
...initial programs, the company is developing therapies that generate unnatural cytokine signals by bringing together cytokine...
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