BC Innovations | Jun 11, 2015
Distillery Techniques

Techniques: High throughput, single-cell RNA sequencing to identify cells in heterogeneous populations

Assays and screens TECHNOLOGY: Cellular assays A high throughput method for measuring RNA expression could help determine gene expression relationships in individual cells within heterogeneous cell populations. In tissue-derived single-cell suspensions, the method tags each...
BC Week In Review | May 19, 2014
Company News

Agilent sales and marketing update

Agilent's Dako A/S subsidiary launched Anti-CK 8/18 and Anti-TdT for cancer diagnosis. Anti-CK 8/18 is a rabbit mAb against cytokeratin 8 ( CK8 ; KRT8 ) and CK18 that is used to stain tissue samples to classify...
BC Innovations | Mar 20, 2014
Cover Story

A liver divided

Three separate teams have directly converted human fibroblasts to proliferative liver cells and thus eliminated a key drawback of using induced pluripotent stem cells to treat damaged livers-the inability of the resulting differentiated cells to...
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