BioCentury | Apr 10, 2021
Politics, Policy & Law

DiLenge predicts biopharma companies will ‘take a hit’ in infrastructure bill

As he prepares to leave BIO after 15 years, Tom DiLenge previewed the urgent policy challenges the industry will face in the coming months, including pending drug price control legislation that could reshape...
BioCentury | Apr 9, 2021
Politics, Policy & Law

BIO 3.0: Reinventing the trade association

BIO is rebooting itself, creating what could be called BIO 3.0, the third reimagination of the organization following the paths charted by Carl Feldbaum, who led it from 1993 to 2005, and Jim Greenwood,...
BioCentury | Apr 8, 2021
Emerging Company Profile

Crossovers Fidelity, Surveyor invest early in ValenzaBio, backing $70M series A for rare autoimmune play

With a $70 million series A round led by Fidelity in a syndicate that included crossover Surveyor, start-up ValenzaBio is readying to take antibodies licensed from CRUK and Pierre Fabre into early clinical...
BioCentury | Apr 8, 2021
Distillery Therapeutics

Camptothecin-carrying bioadhesive nanoparticles for skin cancer

DISEASE CATEGORY: Cancer INDICATION: Skin cancer A Yale University team showed that bioadhesive nanoparticle delivery of topoisomerase inhibitor camptothecin could treat squamous cell carcinoma. The nanoparticle therapy was created by incubating non-adhesive hyperbranched polyglycerol-based nanoparticles...
BioCentury | Apr 7, 2021
Product Development

Latest cut of data shows AZ vaccine has higher rates of rare thrombosis

The most recent set of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in Europe show a higher frequency of several rare types of thromboembolic events in individuals given AstraZeneca’s vaccine compared with others approved...
BioCentury | Apr 6, 2021
Emerging Company Profile

Alloy: Building a better toolbox for biologics developers

Four-year-old Alloy is acting on its vision to become an infrastructure partner to biologic drug developers by collecting an arsenal of tools and resources, starting with an in-licensed transgenic mouse platform for antibody discovery. Founded...
BioCentury | Apr 3, 2021
Management Tracks

Biotech CEOs in China: a broadening talent pool

Growth in China’s biotech sector has driven up demand for executives who can run companies with innovative therapies that can compete on a global stage. BioCentury’s analysis shows that while MNCs remain the primary breeding...
BioCentury | Apr 2, 2021
Product Development

Chinese biotechs look to next-generation CAR T technologies to solve market challenges

Though nearly every Chinese CAR T developer is prioritizing autologous programs, the key to expanding access to the modality on the price-sensitive China market is likely to be the next-generation platforms...
BioCentury | Apr 1, 2021
Management Tracks

Remembering Gilead’s John Martin, whose therapies saved ‘millions’

John Martin, the visionary leader who transformed Gilead from a fledgling antisense company into an antiviral company whose drugs turned HIV into a manageable condition and cured HCV, passed away Tuesday....
BioCentury | Mar 31, 2021

FTC challenge to Illumina’s Grail acquisition focused on potential harms from its supplier role

The FTC’s 4-0 vote to challenge Illumina’s pending $7.1 billion Grail acquisition aligns with acting agency Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter’s vow to expand scrutiny of biotech M&A beyond the traditional scope of product overlap. Though at least...
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