BC Innovations | Jun 27, 2019
Product Development

Gene therapy’s next frontier lies beyond rare, monogenic diseases

As in vivo gene therapies continue notching approvals for rare monogenic diseases, the next frontier for the modality will be in treating complex indications without obvious genetic drivers. At least seven companies have clinical or...
BioCentury | Oct 29, 2012
Emerging Company Profile

Regenesance: Stopping the MAC attack

Regenesance B.V. is developing mAbs against complement 6 that may halt nerve damage and provide a better safety profile than standard of care for the orphan neurological disease myasthenia gravis. The mAbs are in lead...
BC Week In Review | Oct 15, 2012
Clinical News

ONC107 diagnostic data

Onconome Inc. , Seattle, Wash.   Product: ONC107 (CRC Assay)   Business: Diagnostic   Molecular target: NA   Description: Assay using mass spectrometry to measure single peptides from 7 serum proteins   Indication: Predict risk of...
BioCentury | Sep 26, 2005

Ebb & Flow

Although Celtic Pharma originally planned to raise $1 billion for its structured product development fund, the firm's faster than expected pace of deals has prompted it to reconsider and scale back its appetite for funds....
BioCentury | Oct 11, 2004
Product Development

The heart of inflammation

Inflammation is a complex network of interactions that arises in response to tissue injury, regardless of the site or nature of the initiating event. Despite this virtual omnipresence of the inflammatory process throughout the body,...
BioCentury | Aug 10, 1998
Tools & Techniques

Lupus enigma

Lupus is an enigma, a debilitating autoimmune disorder that primarily strikes women and displays an unpredictable pattern of flares and remissions. With multiple contributing factors and multiple organ involvement, each case differs from the next....
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