BC Innovations | May 23, 2018
Translation in Brief

Toward Tailored Chemo

A group at UCSF is bringing precision medicine to chemotherapies, with a predictive model for drug responses based on single gene deletions. Despite advances in immuno-oncology and targeted therapies, nearly 95% of cancer patients receive...
BC Innovations | May 15, 2018
Distillery Techniques

Biomarkers; other

TECHNOLOGY: Gene profiling; computational models A gene profiling-based computational model could identify single-gene deletions as markers of response to therapies for high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) patients. The model is generated by transfecting a human...
BioCentury | Dec 5, 2011
Product Development

Change-up for BATTER-UP

A year after starting a biomarker study in rheumatoid arthritis, a broad-based consortium has been forced to retool its recruitment strategy. The Biomarkers of Anti-TNF Treatment Efficacy in Rheumatoid Arthritis -Unresponsive Populations Consortium had hoped...
BC Week In Review | May 16, 2005
Company News

NephroGenex, Biomedical Research Foundation, Karolinska Institute deal

NephroGenex acquired exclusive commercialization rights to the foundation's inhibitors of goodpasture antigen binding protein (GPBP) kinase. High levels of the kinase are associated with inflammatory and fibrotic disease processes. Separately, NephroGenex acquired exclusive commercialization rights...
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