BioCentury | Jun 24, 2013
Product Development

ARrangement for antagonism

Johnson & Johnson 's acquisition of Aragon Pharmaceuticals Inc. is reminiscent of its deal for Cougar Biotechnology Inc. : roughly $1 billion for an androgen deprivation therapy for castration-resistant prostate cancer based on promising PSA reductions...
BioCentury | Nov 9, 2009
Product Development

Waiting to Fill a Void

Despite good data from two Phase III trials of linaclotide for chronic constipation and the market's need for new treatments, Forest Laboratories Inc. will wait to submit an NDA. Forest says it still needs long-term...
BC Innovations | Aug 6, 2009
Tools & Techniques

Targeting toxic RNA

Researchers at the University of Rochester have used an antisense molecule to reverse muscular defects in mice with myotonic dystrophy type 1. 1 The approach represents a new way to attack the most common form...
BioCentury | Sep 24, 2007

Building intestinal fortitude

With a Phase IIb compound for a primary care indication, Microbia Inc. had been wrestling with how to build its commercial infrastructure. The answer came last week via a 50/50 co-development and co-commercialization deal with...
BioCentury | Mar 6, 2006
Product Development

Poor bioavailability pays off

Microbia Inc. says its $75 million series E round will give the company more cash than it probably needs to bring its Phase II compound for gastrointestinal disorders and Phase I cholesterol product to market,...
BioCentury | Aug 16, 2004
Product Development

Ion channel blocker for cancer

Ion channel blockers are generally thought of as having utility in CNS indications because they regulate neurons. However, NeuroSearch A/S believes that its Endovion (NS3728) volume regulated anion channel (VRAC) blocker will be useful in...
BC Week In Review | Nov 18, 2002
Clinical News

RU-0211: Phase III

Sucampo will begin this month a U.S. placebo-controlled Phase III trial in about 250 patients with occasional constipation, as defined by infrequent and difficult passage of stool. Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. , Bethesda, Md.   Product: RU-0211...
BC Week In Review | Nov 18, 2002
Clinical News

RU-0211: Phase III

In a U.S. placebo-controlled, 4-week Phase III trial, RU-0211 significantly improved symptoms of constipation in 242 patients. Occasional constipation was defined as infrequent and difficult passage of stool. Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. , Bethesda, Md.   Product:...
BioCentury | Nov 18, 2002
Product Development

Plumber's helpers

Patients suffering from constipation from a variety of causes have new treatment options approaching the regulatory horizon, as positive Phase III data were reported last week for two products with very different mechanisms of action....
BC Week In Review | Jun 3, 2002
Clinical News

Moli1901 duramycin: MLCM began a U.S. Phase II trial of Moli1901 in CF patients. The company said the trial will assess the delivery and deposition of the compo

MoliChem Medicines Inc. (MLCM), Chapel Hill, N.C.   Product: Moli1901 duramycin (2622U90)   Business: Pulmonary   Therapeutic category: Ion channel modulation   Target: Chloride channels   Description: Pulmonary delivery of polycyclic peptide antibiotic that induces...
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