BioCentury | Apr 7, 2021
Distillery Therapeutics

A targeted CDK12 degrader for ALL

DISEASE CATEGORY: Cancer INDICATION: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) A CDK12-targeted degrader, designed by a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School team co-led by Nathanael Gray, could treat T cell ALL. The degrader’s targeting moiety was derived...
BioCentury | Apr 3, 2021
Product Development

Digging beyond the headlines at AACR 2021

BioCentury’s analysis of this year’s AACR meeting unearths orthogonal approaches to high-wattage targets KRAS and TIGIT, details on allogeneic and personalized cell therapies, and targeted protein degradation players beyond the usual suspects. In the run-up...
BioCentury | Mar 5, 2021
Translation in Brief

A stem cell therapy for brain metastases in breast cancer; plus a nanoparticle gene editing delivery tech and more

A team led by Khalid Shah from Harvard Medical School engineered allogeneic stem cells with an anti-EGFR camelid antibody fused to a death receptor ligand. Published in Science Advances, the therapy induced apoptosis of cancer...
BioCentury | Mar 4, 2021

Ovid returns soticlestat rights in a deal that will fuel its next generation of neuro candidates

Four years after Ovid began leading development of Takeda-partnered epilepsy candidate soticlestat, the biotech is handing back the reins in a deal that will enable it to accelerate development of its...
BioCentury | Jan 12, 2021

Diverse syndicate stands behind EQRx’s mission with $500M series B round

EQRx is planning to deliver on its promise to provide equivalent or better low-cost drugs ahead of schedule with a $500 million series B, with diverse investor interest reflecting a mission that has only...
BioCentury | Jan 1, 2021
Targets & Mechanisms

A snapshot of target innovation in 2020

Preclinical publications highlighted in BioCentury’s Distillery this year identified white space target opportunities including untapped E3 ubiquitin ligases, vesicular regulators and ion channels, as...
BioCentury | Dec 15, 2020
Product Development

Arvinas regains investor confidence with path forward for androgen-receptor degrader, second proof of concept for platform

A better understanding of responder profiles, a path to accelerated approval and proof that its degrader platform is not a one-trick pony were among the factors that nearly doubled Arvinas’ stock after the company presented...
BioCentury | Dec 12, 2020
Product Development

Dec. 11 Quick Takes: AZ to run combo trial with Sputnik; plus Phase III hits for Lilly, AbbVie and TG, data from Immutep, NVS, Mycovia, Sarepta and Greenwich

Russian and AZ COVID vaccines in combo trialAstraZeneca plc (LSE:AZN; NASDAQ:AZN) will begin by year-end a clinical trial of its AZD1222, developed with the University of Oxford, in combination with the adenovirus serotype 26 (Ad26)...
BioCentury | Oct 27, 2020
Product Development

Mirati impresses with KRAS inhibitor response rates, potential biomarker

Mirati’s shares rose to an all-time high on Monday after the company dropped the latest response rate data in the closely-watched KRAS inhibitor race, but it’s still too early to tell how adagrasib (MRTX849) will...
BioCentury | Oct 24, 2020
Translation in Brief

UNC Chapel Hill Angelman gene therapy rescues motor function; plus data backing planned Pacylex, Kronos clinical trials and more

AAV gene editing therapy for Angelman syndromeUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill scientists have created a CRISPR gene therapy for Angelman syndrome that ameliorated motor function deficits in a mouse model of the maternally...
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