BC Innovations | Dec 8, 2017
Targets & Mechanisms

Pathways emerging from ASH

A survey of the emerging molecular targets at this year’s American Society of Hematology conference indicates that while harnessing the immune system to treat cancer remains a dominant interest, processes for tuning protein levels --...
BC Innovations | Dec 8, 2017
Targets & Mechanisms

Epiphenomena at ASH

While it’s no surprise that cell therapy research is dominant in hematology, the emergence of epigenetics as an equally large focus at this year’s ASH meeting is more notable, reinforcing the resurgence of a field...
BC Week In Review | Jan 18, 2016
Company News

Tensha Therapeutics, Roche deal

Roche will acquire Tensha for $115 million in cash plus up to $420 million in undisclosed clinical and regulatory milestones. Tensha’s TEN-010 , a small molecule bromodomain inhibitor that is selective for the bromodomain and extra-terminal...
BC Extra | Jan 12, 2016
Company News

Roche BETs on Tensha

Roche (SIX:ROG; OTCQX:RHHBY) will acquire Tensha Therapeutics Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) for $115 million in cash up front. Tensha shareholders are eligible for $420 million in milestones. The pharma will gain Tensha's TEN-010 , a small molecule...
BioCentury | Jan 5, 2015
Product Development

BETting early

Index Ventures-backed oncology play Oncoethix S.A. traded potentially larger returns for a faster clinical program for the company's primary asset when the Phase II program became too big for the small biotech to handle. On...
BC Innovations | Apr 17, 2014

Expanding into new (bromo)domains

The Neomed Institute has begun development of its first cancer therapeutic, a bromodomain containing 4 inhibitor from Epigenetix Inc. that the not-for-profit organization thinks could have a selectivity advantage over competing molecules. Bromodomain-containing proteins are...
BC Innovations | Sep 6, 2012
Cover Story

New home for bromodomains

Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Baylor College of Medicine have shown that Tensha Therapeutics Inc. 's bromodomain inhibitors could prevent sperm production and be developed as a male contraceptive. 1 The biotech,...
BC Innovations | Sep 6, 2012
Distillery Therapeutics

Indication: Endocrine/metabolic disease

Indication Target/marker/pathway Summary Licensing status Publication and contact information Endocrine/metabolic disease Contraception Bromodomain testis-specific (BRDT); bromodomain and extra terminal domain (BET) Mouse studies suggest targeting BRDT with BET inhibitors could be useful as a male...
BC Extra | Sep 13, 2011
Financial News

HealthCare Ventures BETs on Tensha's bromodomains

Newco Tensha Therapeutics Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) raised $15 million in a series A round from HealthCare Ventures. The company is developing small molecule inhibitors of the BET family of bromodomain containing proteins -- which includes...
BioCentury | Sep 12, 2011
Emerging Company Profile

Tensha: Epigenetic BET

Tensha Therapeutics Inc. believes its bromodomain inhibitors are among the first compounds to directly target the MYC oncogene . The company is focusing on cancer indications while eyeing additional opportunities in inflammatory disease. Tensha was founded...
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